Isaiah 8


Assyria is The LORD's Instrument for Destruction

1And the  lord said to me, Take to yourself [3roll of papyrus 2new 1a great], and write on it with the pen of a man concerning the swiftly [2plunder 1made] of spoils, for it is at hand! 2And [2witnesses 3for me 1appoint] of trustworthy men -- Uriah the priest, and Zachariah son of Barachiah. 3And I drew near to the prophetess; and [2in 3the womb 1she conceived], and gave birth to a son. And the  lord said to me, Call his name, Quickly Despoil, Swiftly Plunder. 4Because before the [2knows 1child] to call his father or mother, one shall take t he power of Damascus, and the spoils of Samaria before the king of the Assyrians. 5And the  lord proceeded to speak to me again, saying, 6Because [2want not 1this people] the water of Shiloah going tranquilly, but want to have Rezin and the son of Remaliah king over them, therefore this -- 7behold, the  lord leads against you the [4water 5of the 6river 1strong 2and 3abundant], the king of the Assyrians, and his glory. And he shall ascend upon all your ravine, and shall walk upon all your wall. 8And he shall remove from Judea a man who shall be able [2his head 1to lift] or able to complete anything; and [2will be 1his camp] so as to fill the width of your place; [2be with 3us 1God]. 9Know, O nations, and be vanquished! Take heed until the latter end of the earth! Being strong be vanquished! For if again you should be strong, again you shall be vanquished. 10And whom ever you should consult counsel, the  lord shall efface it; and [3word 1what 2ever] you should speak, in no way should it adhere to you; for [2is with 3us 1God].

Severe Perplexity

11Thus says the  lord, With the strong hand they resist persuasion in the going of the way of this people, saying, 12Lest at any time you should say, It is hard. For all what ever [2should say 1this people] is hard. But the fear of him in no way should you be fearful, nor should you be disturbed. 13The  lord of the forces -- sanctify him! and he will be your fear. 14[3even 4upon 5him 2yielding 1You should be], he will be to you for a sanctuary; and not as a stone of stumbling for you to meet up with, nor as a rock downfall; but the houses of Jacob are in a snare, and in a hollow lying in wait in Jerusalem. 15On account of this [2shall be powerless 3among 4them 1many], and shall fall, and shall be broken; and they shall approach, and [2shall be captured 1men] being in safety. 16Then the ones [7apparent 6will be 1setting a seal upon themselves 4the 5law 2to not 3learn]. 17And one shall say, I shall wait for God, the one turning his face from the house of Jacob, and I will be yielding upon him. 18Behold, I and the children which [2gave 3to me 1God], even they will be for signs and miracles in the house of Israel by the  lord of Hosts who dwells on mount Zion. 19And if they should say to you, Seek the ones who deliver oracles, and the ones from the earth speaking out loud, and the empty words which [2from 3the 4belly 1they speak out loud]; shall not a nation [2to 3its God 1inquire]? Why do they inquire concerning the living of the ones dead? 20[3the law 1For 4for 5a help 2he gave], that they should speak not as this saying, concerning of which there are no gifts to give for it. 21And shall come upon us harshly a famine; and it will be as whenever you should hunger, you shall be fretting, and [2wickedly 1you shall speak] of the ruler and the fathers; and they shall look up into the heaven upward, 22and [2to 3the 4earth 5below 1they shall look], and behold, darkness, affliction and straits, and darkness so as to not see unto a time.
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