James 3


The Tongue

1[2not 4many 5teachers 1Let there 3be], my brethren! knowing that [2greater 3judgment 1we shall receive]. 2For many times we are at fault all together. If any in word is not at fault, this one is a perfect man, able to bridle even his entire body. 3See! [7of the 8horses 2the 3bits 4into 5the 6mouths 1we put], for them to comply to us, and [3entire 4body 2their 1we lead around]. 4Behold, also the boats being so great, and by harsh winds being driven, are led around by the least size rudder, where even the thrust of the one straightening wills it to go. 5So also the tongue [2a small 3member 1is], and brags. Behold, a little fire how much material it lights; 6And the tongue is fire, the world of unrighteousness. Thus the tongue is placed among our members, staining the entire body, and blazing the whirlwind of creation, and being set ablaze by Gehenna. 7For every species of nature, both of wild beasts and of birds, both of reptiles and marine life, is tamed and has been tamed by the [2nature 1human]. 8But the tongue no one is able of men to tame; it is an unrestrained evil, full of poison causing death. 9By it we bless God and father, and by it we curse men, the ones [2according to 3the likeness 4of God 1who are born]. 10From out of the same mouth comes forth blessing and curse. It does not behoove us, my brethren, for these things so to be. 11Does the spring from out of the same opening gush the sweet and the bitter? 12Is [2able 3my brethren 1the fig-tree 5olives 4to produce], or a grapevine to produce figs? Thus not one spring is able [2salty 3and 4sweet 1to produce] water.

Wisdom from Above

13Who is wise and intelligent among you? Let him show out of the good behavior his works in gentleness of wisdom! 14But if [3jealousy 2bitter 1you have] and contention in your heart, do not glory over and lie against the truth! 15[2is not 1This] the wisdom [2from above 1coming down], but earthly, physical, demoniacal. 16For where there is jealousy and contention, there is commotion and every heedless thing. 17But the [2from above 1wisdom] first indeed is pure, thereupon peaceable, lenient, obeys readily, full of mercy and [2fruits 1of good], impartial and unpretentious. 18And fruit of righteousness in peace is sown to the ones making peace.
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