James 4


Warring in Your Members

1From where come wars and fights among you? Is it not from here, from your pleasures soldiering in your members? 2You desire and do not have; you murder and are jealous, and are not able to succeed; you do combat and wage war; you have not because [2do not 3ask 1you]. 3You ask, and do not receive, because wickedly you ask, that [2for 3your own pleasures 1you should spend]. 4Adulterers and adulteresses, do you not know that the friendship of the world [2hatred 3of God 1is]? Who ever therefore should want to be a friend of the world, [2as enemy 3of God 1stands]. 5Or do you think that uselessly the scripture says, [8with 9envy 7longs after 1The 2spirit 3which 4dwells 5in 6us]? 6[3greater 1But 2he gives] favor. Therefore he says, The  lord [2the proud 1resists], but to the humble he gives favor. 7Be submitted then to God! Oppose the devil, and he will flee from you! 8Approach to God, and he will approach unto you! Cleanse your hands, O sinners! and purify your hearts, O double-minded! 9Languish and mourn and weep! [2your laughter 4into 5mourning 1Let 3be converted], and your joy into sadness!

Humble Yourself before The Lord

10Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you! 11Do not speak ill of one another, brethren! The one speaking ill of a brother, and judging his brother, speaks ill of the law, and judges the law. But if [2the law 1you judge], you are not a doer of law, but a judge. 12There is one lawgiver, the one being able to deliver and to destroy. But you, and who are you who judges the other? 13Come now, O ones saying, Today and tomorrow we should go to thus the city, and we should spend there [2year 1one], and should trade, and should make gain, 14you who do not know the thing of tomorrow. For what is your life? [3a vapor 1For 2it shall be], [2for 3a little 1appearing], and thereupon disappearing. 15Instead your saying should be, If the Lord should will, and we should live, then we should do this or that. 16But now you boast in your ostentatiousness; all [2boasting 1such] is wicked. 17Knowing then [2good 1to do] and not doing, [2sin 3to him 1it is].
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