Jeremiah 13


The Loincloth

1Thus says the  lord, Proceed and acquire for yourself [2loincloth 1a flaxen linen], and put it around your loin! and [3water 1you shall not 2go through]. 2And I acquired the loincloth according to the word of the  lord, and I put it around my loin. 3And came to pass the word of the  lord to me of a second time, saying, 4Take the loincloth, the one around your loin, and arise, and proceed unto the Euphrates, and hide it there in the hole of the rock! 5And I went, and hid it by the Euphrates, as [2gave charge 3to me 1the  lord]. 6And it came to pass after [2days 1many], and the  lord said to me, Arise! Proceed unto the Euphrates, and take from there the loincloth! the one which I gave charge to you to hide it there. 7And I went unto the Euphrates, and I dug, and I took the loincloth from out of the place where I hid it there. And behold, it was ruined, which in no way should it be used for anything. 8And came to pass the word of the  lord to me, saying, 9Thus says the  lord, Thus shall I corrupt the insolence of Judah, and the insolence of Jerusalem; 10 this great insolence of the ones not wanting to obey my words, and having gone in straightness [3heart 1of their 2wicked], and having gone after strange gods, to serve to them, and to do obeisance to them; and they will be as this loincloth which shall not be used yet for anything. 11For just as [3cleaves 1the 2loincloth] around the loin of a man, so I cleaved to myself the house of Israel, and all the house of Judah, says the  lord; to be to me for [2people 1a famous], and for a boasting. And for glory; and they did not hearken to me.

The Leather Wine Bag

12And you shall say to the people this word, Thus says the  lord, the God of Israel. Every leather bag shall be filled of wine. And it will be if they should say to you, Is it in not knowing that we shall not know that every leather bag shall be filled with wine? 13And you shall say to them, Thus says the  lord, Behold, I shall fill all the ones dwelling this land, and their kings, the ones sitting down of the sons of David upon their throne, and the priests, and the prophets, and Judah, and all the ones dwelling in Jerusalem with strong drink. 14And I will disperse them, a man and his brother, and their fathers, and their sons in the same way; I will not long after them, says the  lord, and I will not spare, and I will not pity at their ruin.

Threat of Captivity

15Hear, and give ear, and do not be encouraged! for the  lord spoke. 16Give to the  lord your God glory! before the darkening, and before the stumbling of your feet upon [2mountains 1dark]. And you shall await for light, and there is the shadow of death, and they shall be put into darkness. 17But if you should not hearken, secretly [2shall weep 1your soul] from in front of insolence; and [2shall lead down 1your eyes] tears. For [4was broken up 1the 2flock 3of the  lord]. 18Say to the king! and to the ones being in power, Be humbled, and sit down! for [4was demolished 5from 6your head 2crown 3of glory 1your]. 19The cities, the ones towards the south were closed up, and there was not one opening. Judah was resettled, they completed in it [2resettlement 1a complete]. 20Lift up your eyes, O Jerusalem, and behold the ones coming from the north! Where is the flock which was given to you, the sheep of your glory? 21What shall you say whenever they should visit you, and you taught them [4against 5yourself 1lessons 2for 3rule]? Shall not pangs control you as a woman giving birth? 22And if you shall say in your heart, Why have [2met up 3with me 1these things]? On account of the magnitude of your iniquity [2were uncovered 1your posteriors], to make an example of your heels. 23If [2shall change 1the Ethiopian] his skin, and the leopard her colors, then you shall be able [2good 1to do] while learning the bad. 24And I scattered them as sticks being carried by the wind into a wilderness. 25Thus your lot and portion for your resisting me, says the  lord; as you forgot me and hoped upon lies. 26And I will uncover your rear unto your face, and [2shall be seen 1your dishonor]. 27Your adultery, and your snorting, and the alienation of your harlotry upon the hills, and in the fields I have seen -- your abominations. Woe to you, O Jerusalem, for you were not cleansed to follow after me. For how long yet?
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