Jeremiah 14


Famine and the Sword Devour Judah

1And came to pass the word of the  lord to Jeremiah concerning the drought. 2Judea mourned, and her gates are emptied, and are enveloped in darkness upon the earth; and the cry of Jerusalem ascended. 3And her great men sent their younger ones for water. They came upon the wells and did not find water. They returned their receptacles empty. 4And the works of the land failed, for there was no rain. [3were ashamed 1The 2farmers], they covered their head. 5And the hinds in the field gave birth, and abandoned it, for there was no pasturage. 6[2donkeys 1The wild] stood upon the groves, and drew wind as dragons; [2failed 1their eyes], for there was no grass. 7Since our sins opposed us, O  lord, do for us because of your name! For [2are many 1our sins] before you. Against you we sinned. 8You are the endurance of Israel, O  lord, delivering in time of evils. Why did you become as a sojourner upon the earth, and as a native-born turning aside for lodging? 9Will you be as a man sleeping, or as a man not being able to deliver? But you [2among 3us 1are], O  lord, and your name is called upon us; you should not forget us. 10Thus says the  lord to this people, They loved to move their feet, and spared not, and God prospered not the way among them. Now [3shall be remembered 1the 2iniquity], and he visited their sins. 11And the  lord said to me, Do not pray for this people for good! 12For if they should fast, I will not listen to their supplication. And if they should bring whole burnt-offerings, and sacrifices, I will not think well of them. For by sword and by famine [3unto 4death 1I 2will finish them off entirely].

The LORD Speaks against the False Prophets

13And I said, O Being One, O  lord. Behold, the prophets prophesy and say, You shall not see a sword, nor shall hunger be among you; for truth and peace I shall appoint upon the land, and in this place. 14And the  lord said to me, [4lies 1the 2prophets 3prophesy] in my name. I did not send them, and I did not give charge to them, and I did not speak to them. For [2visions 1lying], and divinations, and omens, and the resolves of their own heart they prophesy to you. 15On account of this, thus says the  lord, concerning the prophets, of the ones prophesying [2in 3my name 1lies], and I did not send them, who say, Sword and famine will not be upon this land. By [2death 1a diseased] [3shall die 4and 5by 6hunger 7they shall be finished off entirely 1the 2prophets], 16even the people to whom they prophesy to them. And they will be tossed in the streets of Jerusalem from in front of the sword, and of the famine. And there will not be one entombing them, even their wives, and their sons, and their daughters. And I shall pour out against them for their evils. 17And you shall say to them this word, Lead down [2into 3your eyes 1tears] day and night, and let them not stop! For [2defeat 1by a great 5was defeated 3the daughter 4of my people], even by [3beating 2grievous 1an exceedingly]. 18If I should go forth into the plain, then behold, ones slain by sword. And if I should enter into the city, then behold, the misery of famine. For priest and prophet were gone into a land which they did not know.

A Supplication to The LORD

19Did by rejecting you reject Judah? and [3from 4Zion 2removed itself 1has your soul]? Why did you smite us, and there is no healing for us? We waited for peace, but there was no good; for a time of healing, but behold, only disturbance. 20We knew, O  lord, our sins, the iniquities of our fathers. For we sinned before you. 21Abate, on account of your name! You should not destroy the throne of your glory. Remember! you should not efface your covenant, the one with us! 22 Is there one among the idols of the nations causing rain, and shall [2the 3heaven 1an idol give] its fullness, no. Is it not you being he, O  lord our God. And we shall wait on you, for you made all these.
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