Jeremiah 15


The LORD will Avenge

1And the  lord said to me, If [4should stand 1Moses 2and 3Samuel] before my face [2is not 1my soul] for them. Send out this people from my face, and let them go forth! 2And it will be if they should say to you, Where shall we go forth? then you shall say to them, Thus says the  lord, As many as for death, to death; and as many as for sword, to sword; and as many as for famine, to famine; and as many as for captivity, to captivity. 3And I will avenge against them four forms, says the  lord; the sword unto slaughter, and the dogs for tearing in pieces, and the wild beasts of the earth, and the winged creatures of the heaven for solid food and corruption. 4And I will deliver them up for distresses to all the kingdoms of the earth, because of Manasseh son of Hezekiah king of Judah, for all which he did in Jerusalem. 5Who will spare over you, O Jerusalem? And who will show timidity against you? Or, who shall return to say, Peace to you? 6You turned from me, says the  lord; [2back 1you shall go]. And I will stretch out my hand, and I shall utterly destroy you; and no longer shall I spare them. 7And I will scatter them in a dispersion in the gates of my people. They were made childless; they destroyed my people because of their evils. 8[2were multiplied 1Their widows] above the sand of the sea; I brought [2against 3the mother 1young men], misery in midday. I cast upon her sudden trembling and anxiety. 9[4was emptied 1The one 2giving birth to 3seven]. [2suffered misfortune 1Her soul]; [2set 1her sun] even in the middle of the day. She was disgraced and berated. Of the ones remaining of them [2to 3the sword 1I will give] before their enemies, says the  lord.

Jeremiah's Woe

10Woe, O mother, as how you bore me a man adjudicating and litigating in all the earth. I derived no benefit, nor did [2benefit 3me 1anyone]. My strength failed among the ones cursing me. 11May it be, O  lord master, of their prospering in a time of their affliction for good against the enemy. 12Shall it be known that iron and a wrap-around garment of brass is your strength, no. 13And of your treasures I will give an equivalent, on account of all your sins, and in all your borders. 14I will reduce you to slavery round about your enemies, in the land which you knew not. For a fire has been kindled because of my rage; [2against 3you 1it shall be kindled]. 15O  lord, remember me, and visit me, and acquit me from the ones pursuing me -- not for leniency! Know how I took [2on account of 3you 1scorning]! 16even by the ones disregarding your words. Finish them off entirely! and [2will be 1your word] to me for gladness and the joy of my heart. For [2has been called 1your name] upon me, O  lord almighty. 17I sat not in their sanhedrin playing about, but I was cautious from in front of your hand. Alone I sat, for [2with bitterness 1I was filled]. 18Why do the ones grieving me prevail over me? My wound is substantial, from where shall I be healed? In becoming, it became to me as [2water 1false], not having trust. 19Because of this, thus says the  lord, If you should return, and I should restore you, [2before 3my face 1you shall stand]. And if you should lead out the esteemed from the unworthy, [2as 3my mouth 1you will be]. And they shall return to you; and you shall not return to them. 20And I will appoint you to this people as [2wall 1a fortified] of brass. And they shall wage war against you, but in no way shall they be able to prevail against you; because [2with 3you 1I am] to deliver you, and to rescue you, says the  lord. 21And I will deliver you from the hand of the wicked ones, and I will ransom you from the hand of pestilent ones.
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