Jeremiah 17


Judah's Sin and Punishment

1Thus says the  lord. The sin of Judah is being written with [2stylus 1an iron] with clawed adamantine being carved upon the tablet of their heart, and upon the horns of their shrines. 2even in the remembering of their sons of their shrines and their sacred groves upon tree woods, upon the [2hills 1high]. 3O mountain in the plain, of your wealth and all of you treasures [2for plunder 1I shall give]; your heights for sin in all your boundaries. 4And you shall be forsaken from your inheritance which I gave to you. And [3to serve 2you 1I will make] to your enemies in the land which you knew not. For [2fire 1you kindled] in my wrath; unto the eon it shall blaze. 5Thus says the  lord, Cursed is the man who [2hope 1has] upon man, and shall fix firmly the flesh of his arm, and [3from 4the  lord 1should separate 2his heart]. 6And he will be as the tamarisk in the wilderness; he shall not see whenever [2come 1good things]. But he shall encamp in salty lands, and in a wilderness in a land brackish which is not dwelt. 7And being blessed is the man who relies upon the  lord, and the  lord will be his hope. 8And he shall be as a tree prospering by waters; and upon a moist place he shall shoot his roots; and he will not be fearful whenever [2comes 1sweltering heat]; and there will be for him tree trunks of the woods. In the year of drought he shall not be fearful, and he shall not stop producing fruit. 9[3is deep 1The 2heart] beyond all things, and man is, who shall know him? 10I the  lord am examining hearts, trying kidneys, to give to each according to his ways, and according to the fruits of their practices. 11[2speaks out loud 1The partridge], gathering together what she did not give birth. So the man having his riches but not with equity; in the first half of his days his riches will leave him, and at the last half of his days he will be a fool. 12[2is a throne 3of glory 4being raised up high 5from 6the beginning 1Our sanctuary]. 13The waiting of Israel, O  lord, all the ones forsaking you, let them be disgraced! Ones revolting, [2upon 3the 4ground 1let them be written]! for they abandoned the spring of life -- the  lord.

Sanctify the Day of the Sabbath

14Heal me, O  lord! and I shall be healed. Deliver me! and I shall be delivered. For [3my boasting 1you 2are]. 15Behold, they say to me, Where is the word of the  lord? Let it come! 16But I tired not following closely after you; and the day of man I desired not. You have knowledge of the things having gone forth through my lips; [2before 3your face 1it is]. 17You should not be to me for alienation; but one sparing me in [2day 1the evil]. 18May [4be disgraced 1the ones 2pursuing 3me], and may I not be disgraced myself. May they be terrified, but may I not be terrified myself. Bring upon them [2day 1the wicked]! In double destruction destroy them! 19Thus says the  lord to me, Proceed and stand in the gates of the sons of the people! by which [3enter 1kings 2of Judah], and by which they go forth by them, and in all the gates of Jerusalem. 20And you shall say to them, Hear the word of the  lord, O kings of Judah, and all Judea, and all Jerusalem! O ones entering by these gates. 21Thus says the  lord, Guard your souls, and do not lift burdens on the day of the Sabbaths! and you should not carry in through the gates of Jerusalem. 22And do not bring forth burdens from out of your residences on the day of the Sabbaths! And [2any 3work 1you shall not do]. Sanctify the day of the Sabbaths! as I gave charge to your fathers. 23And they hearkened not, and leaned not their ear. And they hardened their neck over their fathers to not hear me, and to not take instruction. 24And it will be, if you should hearken to me, says the  lord, to not carry in burdens through the gates of this city in the day of the Sabbaths, and to sanctify the day of the Sabbaths to not do any work in it, 25that there shall enter through the gates of this city kings and rulers sitting upon the throne of David, and mounting upon [2chariots 3and 4horses 1their], they and their rulers, the men of Judah, and the ones dwelling in Jerusalem. And [2shall be settled 1this city] into the eon. 26And they shall come from out of the cities of Judah, and round about Jerusalem, and from out of the land of Benjamin, and from out of the plain, and from out of the mountain, and from out of the country to the south, bringing whole burnt-offerings, and sacrifices, and incenses, and manna, and frankincense; bringing praise into the house of the  lord. 27And it will be if you should not hearken to me to sanctify the day of the Sabbaths, to lift no burdens, and to not enter through the gates of Jerusalem in the day of the Sabbaths; then I will kindle a fire in her gates; and it shall devour the plazas of Jerusalem, and it shall not be extinguished.
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