Jeremiah 18


The Potter's House

1The word coming to Jeremiah from the  lord, saying, 2Rise up and go down unto the house of the potter! and there you shall hear my words. 3And I went down unto the house of the potter. And behold, he was making a work upon the stones. 4And [3failed 1the 2vessel] which he was making with his hands. And again he made it [2vessel 1into another] as was pleasing before him to make. 5And came to pass the word of the  lord to me, saying, 6Shall as this potter I not be able to make you, O house of Israel, says the  lord? Behold, as the mortar in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hands, O house of Israel. 7At end I shall speak unto a nation or unto a kingdom to lift them away, and to destroy them. 8But should [2turn 1that nation] from their evils, then I shall change my mind concerning the bad things which I devised to do to them. 9And at end I shall speak unto a nation and unto a kingdom to rebuild and to plant, 10and they do the wicked things before me, to not hear my voice, then I will change my mind concerning the good things which I spoke to do for them. 11And now say to the men of Judah, and to the ones dwelling in Jerusalem! Thus says the  lord, Behold, I shape against you bad things, and I devise against you a device! Let [3turn 1indeed 2each] from [3way 1his 2evil], and [3good 1make 2your practices] and your ways! 12And they said, We will be manly, for after our turning, we shall go and each [2the things 3pleasing 6heart 4his 5evil 1shall do]. 13On account of this, Thus says the  lord, Ask indeed among the nations! who heard such causes for shuddering which [3did 4exceedingly 1virgin 2Israel]? 14Shall [2fail 3from 4the rock 1nipples], or snow from the Lebanon range? Will [5turn aside 1water 3forcibly 4by a wind 2being brought]? 15For [2forgot 3me 1my people]. [2in 3vain 1They burned incense], and they shall weaken in their ways -- [2roads 1eternal]; to mount roads not having a way for going; 16 to order up their land for extinction, and [3hissing 1the 2everlasting]. All the ones traveling through it shall be amazed, and shall shake their head. 17As [2wind 1a burning] I will scatter them in front of their enemies. The back and not the front I will show to them in a day of their destruction.

The Plot to Kill Jeremiah

18And they said, Come, we should devise against Jeremiah a device, for [2shall not 3perish 1the law] from the priest, nor counsel from the discerning, nor the word from the prophet. Come, for we should strike him in the tongue, and we shall not hear all his words. 19Hear me, O  lord, and hear the voice of my right action! 20Shall [2be recompensed 3for 4good things 1evils], no. For they conversed together things against my soul. Remember my standing in front of you! to speak [2for 3them 1good], to turn your rage from them. 21On account of this, give their sons to famine, and gather them into the hands of swords! Let [2become 1their women] childless and widows, and [2their men 1let] become men being done away with in death, and their young men falling by sword in war! 22Let there become a cry in their houses! You shall bring upon them robbers suddenly; for they took in hand a word to seize me, and [2snares 1they hid] against me. 23And you, O  lord, knew all together their plan against me for death. You should not acquit their iniquities; and [3their sins 4from 5in front 6of you 1you should not 2wipe away]. Let [2come 1their weakness] before you! In the time of your rage deal with them!
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