Jeremiah 19


The Cemetery of the Slaughter

1Then the  lord said to me, Proceed and acquire a pitcher! one being shaped of earthenware from the elders of the people and of the priests. 2And you shall go forth into the cemetery of the sons of Hinnom, which is at the thresholds of the gate of Charsith, and read there all the words! which ever I shall speak to you. 3And you shall say to them, Hear the word of the  lord, O kings of Judah, and O ones dwelling Jerusalem! Thus says the  lord of the forces, the God of Israel, Behold, I bring upon this place evils, so that all hearing them, [2shall resound 1his ears]. 4Because they abandoned me, and separated from this place; and they burned incense in it to strange gods who [2did not 3know 1they] and their fathers; and the kings of Judah filled this place [2blood 1of innocent]. 5And they built high places to Baal to incinerate their sons in fire, which I did not give charge nor spoke, and did not consider in my heart. 6On account of this, days come, says the  lord, and they shall not call this place still, Downfall, and Cemetery of the son of Hinnom, but Cemetery of the Slaughter. 7And I will slay the counsel of Judah, and the counsel of Jerusalem in this place; and I will throw them down by the sword before their enemies, and by the hands of the ones seeking their lives. And I will give their dead for food to the winged creatures of the heaven, and to the wild beasts of the earth. 8And I will order this city into extinction, and for a hissing. All coming upon it shall look downcast, and shall whistle over all its calamity. 9And they shall eat the flesh of their sons, and the flesh of their daughters; and each [2the 3flesh 4of his neighbor 1shall eat] in the citadel, and in the assault in which [2shall assault 3them 1their enemies], and the ones seeking their life.

The Broken Pitcher

10And you shall break the pitcher before the eyes of the men, of the ones going forth with you. 11And you shall say to them, Thus says the  lord, So I will break this people, and this city, as [3was broken 2container 1the earthenware], which is not able to be repaired again. And in Tophet they shall bury, for there is not a place to bury. 12Thus I will do, says the  lord, to this place, and to the ones dwelling in it, to yield up this city as the one having fallen into ruin. 13And the houses of Jerusalem, and the houses of the kings of Judah will be as a place having fallen into ruin because of the uncleannesses in all the houses in which they burned incense upon the roofs to all the military of the heaven, and offered libations to strange gods. 14And Jeremiah came from Downfall, where [2sent 3him 1the  lord] there to prophesy. And he stood in the courtyard of the house of the  lord, and he said to all the people, 15Thus says the  lord of the forces, the God of Israel, Behold, I bring upon this city, and upon all her cities, and upon her towns, all the evils which I spoke against her, for they hardened their neck to not listen to my commandments.
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