Jeremiah 2


Israel Abandons The LORD

1And came to pass the word of the  lord to me, saying, 2Go, and yell into the ears of Jerusalem! saying, Thus says the  lord, I remembered the mercy of your youth, and the love of your consecration, for you to follow after the holy one of Israel, says the  lord; 3Holy Israel to the  lord, the beginning of his offspring. All the ones devouring him shall offend; evils shall come upon them, says the  lord. 4Hear the word of the  lord, O house of Jacob, and every family of the house of Israel! 5Thus says the  lord, What [4find 3fathers 2did your 5in 6me 1trespass] that they left far from me, and went after the vain things, and acted in folly? 6And they said not, Where is the  lord, the one directing us from out of the land of Egypt, the one steering us in the wilderness, in [4land 1a vast 2and 3untrodden], in a land waterless and unfruitful, in a land in which no [2traveled through 3in 4it 1man], and no [2dwelt 1man] there? 7And I led you unto Carmel, to eat the fruits of it, and the good things of it. And you entered, and defiled my land; and my inheritance you made into an abomination. 8The priests said not, Where is the  lord? And the ones resisting the law have not made acknowledgment to me; and the shepherds were impious to me; and the prophets prophesied by Baal, and [2after 3unprofitable things 1they went]. 9On account of this, still I will arbitrate for you, says the  lord; and for the sons of your sons I will arbitrate. 10For go into the islands of the Chittim, and see! And [2unto 3Kedar 1send], and comprehend exceedingly! And see! if [2have taken place 1such things] 11if [2changed 1nations] their gods, and these are not gods! But my people changed their glory by which they do not derive benefit. 12[3is amazed 1The 2heaven] by this, and shuddered over it much, exceedingly, says the  lord. 13For two and wicked things [2did 1my people] to me; they abandoned the spring of water of life, and they dug for themselves cisterns having been broken, the ones which are not able [2water 1to hold]. 14 [3a servant 1Is 2Israel] or [2native-born 1is he]? Why did [2for 3plunder 1he become]? 15Upon him [2roar 1the lions], and [6gave out 7their voice 1the ones who 2ordered 3his land 4for 5extinction]. And his cities they razed so as for no one to dwell. 16And the sons of Memphis and Tahapanhes knew you, and were mocking you. 17Were not these things done to you for your forsaking me, says the  lord your God? 18And now, what is it to you and the way of Egypt, to drink the water of Sihor? And what is it to you in the way of the Assyrians, to drink water of the rivers? 19[2shall correct 3you 1Your defection], and your evil shall reprove you. And know and see that [3is bitter 4to you 1your forsaking 2me]! says the  lord your God. And I thought not well in you, says the  lord your God. 20For from the eon you broke your yoke, and tore up your bonds. And you said, I will not serve, but I will go upon every [2hill 1high], and underneath every [2tree 1shady]; there I will disperse in my harlotry. 21But I planted you a grapevine bearing fruit -- all true. How are you turned into bitterness -- [2grapevine 1a strange]? 22If you should wash in bleach, and should multiply [2to yourself 1soap], still you are spotted in your iniquities before me, says the  lord. 23How will you say, I was not defiled, and [2after 3Baal 1I went not]? Behold your ways in the cemetery, and know what you did! [3in the evening 1Her voice 2shrieks]. 24 Her ways widen over waters of the wilderness; in the desires of her soul she was being carried by the wind; she was delivered up to them, who will turn her? All the ones seeking her shall not tire; in her humiliation they shall find her. 25Turn your foot from [2way 1the rough], and your throat from thirst! But she said, I will be manly. For I loved strangers, and [2after 3them 1went]. 26As shame of a thief whenever he should be captured, so shall [4be ashamed 1the 2sons 3of Israel]; they, and their kings, and their rulers, and their priests, and their prophets. 27[2to the 3tree 1They said] that, [4father 3my 2are 1You]; and to the stone, You engendered me. And they turned [2against 3me 1their backs], and not their faces. And in the time of their evils they shall say, Rise up and deliver us! 28And where are your gods which you made for yourself? Shall they rise up and deliver you in the time of your ill-treatment, no. For according to the number of your cities were your gods, O Judah; and according to the number of the corridors of Jerusalem, they sacrificed to Baal. 29Why do you speak to me? You all acted impious, and you all acted lawlessly against me, says the  lord. 30In vain I struck your children. [2correction 1They received not]. A sword devoured your prophets, as a lion annihilating. And you feared not. 31Hear the word of the  lord! Thus says the  lord, Did [2a wilderness 1I become] to Israel, or a land being made barren? Why said my people, We will not be lorded over, and we shall not come to you any longer? 32Will [2forget 1the bride] her bridal ornament, and the virgin her breastband? But my people forgot me for days which there is no number. 33What [3yet 1good device 2will you] apply in your ways to seek affection? It will not be thus. But even you did wicked to defile your ways. 34And in your hands was found blood [2souls 1of innocent]. [3not 4in 5ditches 1I found 2them], but upon every oak. 35And you said, I am innocent, but turn his rage from me! Behold, I judge against you, in your saying, I sinned not. 36For you are disdained very much of the repeating a second time of your ways. And from Egypt you shall be disgraced, as you were disgraced by Assyria. 37For even from here you shall go forth, and your hands will be upon your head. For the  lord thrusted away your hope, and you shall not be prosperous in it.
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