Jeremiah 3


The Harlotry of Israel

1If [2should send away 1a husband] his wife, and she should go forth from him, and becomes [2man 1to another], shall by returning she return to him yet again? Shall not by defiling [2be defiled 1that woman]? But you fornicated with [2shepherds 1many], and you have returned to me, says the  lord. 2Lift your eyes unto the upright way, and see where you have not been defiled! [2upon 3the 4ways 1You have sat] for them as a crowbar having been made desolate, and defiled the land in your harlotries, and in your evils. 3And you had [2shepherds 1many] for your occasion for stumbling; the appearance of a harlot became to you; you cast shame to all. 4Was it not until now you called me even, Father? and, Head of your virginity? 5Shall it abide into the eon, or shall it be guarded for victory? Behold, you spoke and did these evils, and have prevailed.

The LORD Divorces Israel

6And the  lord said to me in the days of Josiah the king, You saw what [4did 5to me 1the 2house 3of Israel]. She went upon every [2mountain 1high], and underneath every tree of the woods, and she committed harlotry there. 7And I said after her committing harlotry all these things, [2to 3me 1Turn]! And she turned not. And [4saw 5her breach-of-contract 1the 2 covenant-breaker 1Judah]. 8And I beheld (for on account of all of which she was overtaken by them [4committed adultery 1the 2house 3of Israel], and I sent her out and gave to her a scroll certificate of divorce into her hands) that [4feared not 1the 2covenant-breaker 3Judah], and went and committed harlotry even herself. 9And [2was 3nothing to her 1her harlotry]; and she committed adultery with the wood and the stone. 10And in all these things [4turned not 5to 6me 1the 2covenant-breaker 3Judah] with [2whole 3heart 1her], but with a lie. 11And the  lord said to me, [2justified 3her soul 1Israel] above the covenant-breaker Judah. 12Go and read these words towards the north! And you shall say, Return to me, O house of Israel, says the  lord! And in no way shall I firmly fix my face against you. For [2merciful 1I am], says the  lord, and I shall not be infuriated with you into the eon. 13Only know your iniquity! For it is against the  lord your God you acted impious, and dispersed your ways unto strangers underneath every tree of the woods; but my voice you obeyed not, says the  lord.

The Gathering of Israel from All Nations

14Return, [2sons 1O revolting], says the  lord! For I shall lord over you. And I shall take you, one from out of a city, and two from out of a family, and I will bring you into Zion. 15And I will appoint to you shepherds according to my heart, and they shall tend you, tending with higher knowledge. 16And it will be if you should be multiplied, and should grow upon the land, says the  lord, in those days, they shall not say any more, Ark of the covenant of holy Israel. It shall not ascend upon the heart, nor be named, nor shall it be examined, and it shall not be done any more. 17In those days and in that time they shall call Jerusalem, The throne of the  lord; and shall be brought together unto her all the nations; and they shall not go any more after the [2thoughts 3of their heart 1wicked]. 18In those days [4shall come together 1the 2house 3of Judah] with the house of Israel. And they shall come together from the land of the north, and from all the places upon the earth which I caused [2to inherit 1their fathers]. 19And I said, May it be, O  lord, for you said, I shall arrange you among children, and I shall give to you [2land 1a choice] (the inheritance of God almighty) of nations. And I said, [3father 1you shall call 2me]; and [3from 4me 1you shall not 2be turned]. 20Only as [2annuls 1a wife] against the one being with her, so [4annulled 5against 6me 1the 2house 3of Israel], says the  lord. 21A voice from the lips was heard of weeping and supplication of the sons of Israel. For they transgressed in their ways; they forgot God their holy one. 22Turn! [2sons 1O turning], and I shall heal your brokenness. Behold, thus we shall be to you, for you [2the  lord 3our God 1are]. 23Really [9for 10a lie 8were 1the 2hills 3and 4the 5powers 6of the 7mountains]. Only through the  lord our God is the deliverance of Israel. 24But the shame consumed the efforts of our fathers from our youth; their sheep and their calves, their sons and their daughters. 25We were gone to bed in our shame, and [2covered 3us 1our dishonor]. For before our God [4sinned 1we 2and 3our fathers] from our youth until this day, and we hearkened not of the voice of the  lord our God.
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