Jeremiah 30


The Return of Israel

1The word coming to Jeremiah from the  lord, saying, 2Thus said the  lord God of Israel, saying, Write all the words which I executed to you upon a scroll! 3For behold, days come, says the  lord, and I will return the resettlement of my people Israel and Judah, said the  lord. And I will return them into the land which I gave to their fathers, and they will dominate it. 4And these are the words which the  lord spoke unto Israel and Judah. 5Thus said the  lord, The sound of fear you shall hear -- fear, and there is no peace. 6Ask and see if [2gave birth 1a man]! for I have seen every man, and his hands are upon his loin, as her giving birth; and [2are turned 1their faces] to jaundice. 7Woe, for great is that day, and there is not such, and [2a time 3of severity 1it is] to Jacob, but from this he shall be delivered. 8In that day, said the  lord of the forces, I will break the yoke from their neck, and their bonds I will tear up, and they shall not work themselves any longer for strangers. 9And they shall work to the  lord their God; and [2David 3their king 1I will raise up] to them. 10But you, do not fear! O my servant Jacob, says the  lord. And in no way should you be terrified, O Israel. For behold, I shall deliver you from a land far off, and your seed from a land of their captivity. And Jacob shall be returned, and he shall rest, and he shall abound in all the good things, and there shall not be one fearing. 11For [2with 3you 1I am], says the  lord, to deliver you. For I shall appoint a consumation in all the nations in which I scattered you, but you in no way will I appoint for consumation. But I shall correct you with equity and cleansing of which I shall cleanse you. 12Thus said the  lord, I raised up destruction; [2is painful 1your calamity]; 13there is not one judging your case; [2for 3a painful state 1you were treated medically]; [2benefit 3to you 1there is no]; 14all your friends forgot you; in no way shall they ask, for [3with a beating 4by the enemy 1I smote 2you], [2discipline 1even substantial]; [3over 4all 5your iniquities 2multiplied 1your sins]. 15Why yell over your destruction? [2is incurable 1Your misery]. On account of the magnitude of your iniquity, and on account of [3sins 1your 2recalcitrant] I did to you these things. 16On account of this all the ones devouring you shall be eaten, and all your enemies [2into 3captivity 1shall come]. And [4will be 1the ones 2dispersing 3you] for dispersion, and all the ones having despoiled you I shall give for plunder. 17For I will lead up your cure, [2from 4wound 3a grievous 1I will treat you]; says the  lord, for [2Her Having Been Sown 1you are called]; Zion, for [3seeking 2no 1there is] her.

The Resettlement of Jacob

18Thus said the  lord; Behold, I shall return the resettlement of Jacob, and his captivity I will show mercy, and [2shall be built 1the city] upon her height, and the people [2according to 3his equity 1shall sit]. 19And there shall come forth from them ones singing, and a sound of ones playing. And I shall make them superabundant, and in no way shall they be made less. 20And [2shall enter 1his sons] as formerly, and their testimonies are in front of me straight up. And I shall visit upon all the ones afflicting them. 21And [2will be 1his stronger ones] over them, and his ruler [2from 3him 1shall come forth]. And I will bring them together, and they shall return to me. For who is this who gave his heart to return to me, says the  lord? 22And you shall be to me for a people, and I shall be to you for Lord. 23For the anger of the  lord went forth; rage went forth; [2anger 1turning 4upon 5the impious 3shall come]. 24In no way shall [4turn 1the anger 2of the rage 3of the  lord] until he should execute, and until he should ordain the enterprise of his heart. Upon the last of the days you shall know them.
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