Jeremiah 31


The Remnant of Israel Is Delivered

In that time, said the  lord, I will be for a God to the race of Israel, and they will be to me for a people. Thus said the  lord, They found it hot in the wilderness with ones being destroyed by sword. Proceed! and you should not destroy Israel. The  lord [2at a distance 1shall be seen] by him, saying, [2affection 1With an everlasting] I loved you; on account of this I drew you for pitying. For I will build you, and you shall be built, O virgin Israel. You shall still take your tambourine, and go forth with a congregation playing. For you planted vineyards on the mountains of Samaria. In planting plant! and in praising praise! For it is the day of calling, of ones pleading on the mountains of Ephraim, saying, Rise up, and ascend in Zion to the  lord your God! For thus said the  lord to Jacob, Be glad and snort over the head of nations! [2audibly 1Do it], and praise! Say! The  lord delivered his people, the remnant of Israel. Behold, I lead them from the north, and I will gather them from the ends of the earth, in a holiday passover. And you shall produce children, [2multitude 1a great], and they shall return here. In weeping they went forth, and in comfort I will lead them. Lodging upon aqueducts of waters in [2way 1the straight], and in no way shall they wander in it. For I became to Israel for a father, and Ephraim [2my first-born 1is]. 10 Hear the words of the  lord, O nations, and announce unto islands far off! Say! The one winnowing Israel will gather him, and he shall guard him as the one grazing his flock. 11 For the  lord ransomed Jacob and rescued him from out of the hand of ones more substantial than he. 12 And they shall come and shall be glad in mount Zion. And they shall come upon the good things of the  lord, upon a land of grain, and wine, and olive oil, and fruits, and cattle, and sheep. And [2shall be 1their soul] as the tree containing fruit. And they shall not hunger any longer. 13 Then [2shall rejoice 1virgins] in a gathering of young men; and old men shall rejoice. And I will turn their mourning into joyfulness, and I will comfort them, and I will make them ones being glad. 14 I will magnify and intoxicate the soul of the priests, sons of Levi. And my people [2of my good things 1shall be filled up]. Thus said the  lord.

Rachel Weeping for Her Sons

15 A voice in Rama was heard -- wailing, and weeping, and grieving; Rachel weeping for her sons; and she did not want to be comforted, for they are not. 16 Thus said the  lord, Stop your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears, for there is a wage for your works, says the  lord, and they shall return from out of the land of the enemies; 17 And there shall be hope to the last of you, says the  lord. And [3shall return 1the 2sons] to their borders. 18 In hearing I heard Ephraim grieving, saying, You corrected me, and I was corrected. I, as a calf, was not taught. Turn me! and I will turn. For you are the  lord my God. 19 For after my captivity, I changed my mind; and after my knowing, I moaned over the day of shame. And I showed you plainly that I took scorning of my youth. 20 [3son 2a beloved 1Ephraim is] to me, a child for reveling in, for because my words are in him; in remembering I will remember him; on account of this I hastened unto him; by showing mercy I shall show mercy on him, says the  lord. 21 Establish to yourself overseers! Execute punishment! Give your heart to your shoulders in the way in which you were going! Return, O virgin Israel! Return unto your cities mourning! 22 Until when shall you return, O daughter being disgraced? For the  lord created safety for [2planting 1a new]; in your safety [2shall go about 1men].

The Future Prosperity of Judah

23 Thus said the  lord of the forces, the God of Israel, Still they shall say this word in the land of Judah, and in his cities, whenever I shall return his resettlement; Being blessed is the  lord upon [2just 3mountain 1his holy]; 24 even the ones dwelling in the cities of Judah, and in all his land together with the farmer, and he shall be lifted with the flock. 25 For I intoxicated the soul thirsting; and every soul hungering I filled up. 26 On account of this I awoke, and beheld; and my sleep [2agreeable 3to me 1was]. 27 Behold, days come, says the  lord, and I shall sow Israel and Judah with the seed of man, and the seed of beast. 28 And it will be as I was vigilant over them even to demolish and to inflict evil, so I will be vigilant over them to build and to plant, says the  lord. 29 In those days in no way shall they say, The fathers ate an unripe grape, and teeth of the children had tooth-chills. 30 But each in his own sin shall die. And the one eating the unripe grape, [3shall have tooth-chills 1their 2teeth].

God Ordains a New Covenant

31 Behold, days come, says the  lord, and I shall ordain to the house of Israel, and to the house of Judah, [2covenant 1a new]. 32 Not according to the covenant which I ordained with their fathers, in the day in which I took hold of their hand to lead them from out of the land of Egypt; for they did not adhere to my covenant, and I neglected them, says the  lord. 33 For this is my covenant which I shall ordain with the house of Israel after those days, says the  lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and [3upon 4their hearts 1I will write 2them]; and I will be to them for God, and they will be to me for a people. 34 And in no way shall [2teach 1each] his neighbor, and each his brother, saying, Know the  lord! For all shall know me, from their small unto their great, says the  lord. For I will be kind to their iniquities, and their sins in no way shall I remember any more. 35 Thus said the  lord, the one appointing the sun for light of the day, moon and stars for light of the night, and the roar in the sea, and [2resonated 1its waves]; the  lord almighty is his name. 36 If [3should cease 2laws 1these] from in front of me, says the  lord, then the race of Israel shall cease to become a nation in front of me all the days. 37 Thus says the  lord, If [3should be raised up 1the 2heaven] in elevation, and if [5should be lowered 1the 2floor 3of the 4earth] below, yet I shall not reject the race of Israel, says the  lord, for all which they did. 38 Behold, days come, says the  lord, and [2shall be built 1a city] to the  lord from the tower of Hananeel unto the gate of the corner. 39 And [2shall go forth 1its measurement] before it unto the hills of Gareb; and it shall be surrounded round about of choice stones, 40 and all the valley Phagarim and ashes, and all Asaremoth unto the rushing stream Kidron, unto the corner gate of the horses eastward, shall be a sanctuary to the  lord; and no longer shall it be plucked up, and in no way shall it be demolished unto the eon.
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