Jeremiah 34


Warning to Zedekiah

1The word coming to Jeremiah from the  lord when Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and all his encamped army, and to all the kingdoms of the earth, to the ones under the dominion of his hand, all the peoples waged war against Jerusalem, and against all the cities of Judah, saying, 2Thus said the  lord, the God of Israel, Proceed to Zedekiah king of Judah! and you shall say to him, Thus said the  lord, In delivering up, I shall deliver up this city into the hands of the king of Babylon, and he shall seize it, and shall burn it with fire. 3And you in no way shall be delivered from out of his hand; and by seizure you shall be seized, and into his hands you shall be given; and your eyes [2his eyes 1shall see] and his mouth [2with 3your mouth 1shall speak], and into Babylon you shall enter. 4But hear the word of the  lord, Zedekiah, O king of Judah! Thus says the  lord to you, you shall not die by the broadsword. 5In peace you shall die, and as they burned odors for your fathers reigning prior of you, so they shall burn also for you, saying, O Lord. And they shall lament you, for [3the word 1I 2spoke], said the  lord. 6And Jeremiah spoke to king Zedekiah all these words in Jerusalem. 7And the force of the king of Babylon waged war against Jerusalem, and against the cities of Judah, the ones remaining, and against Lachish, and against Azekah, for these were left among the cities of Judah -- [2cities 1fortified].

Freedom for Hebrew Slaves

8The word coming to Jeremiah by the  lord, after the completing by king Zedekiah the covenant with the people, the one in Jerusalem, to call indeed for a release; 9 [2to send out 1for each] his manservant, and each his maidservant, the Hebrew man and the Hebrew woman free, so that no [4should slave 1man 2from 3Judah]. 10And [4heeded 1all 2the 3great men], and all the people, the ones entering into the covenant to send each his manservant and each his maidservant free, to not serve any more to them. And they heeded, and let them go. 11And they were turned after these things, and they led the bondmen and the maidservants whom they sent free, and they subjected them again as manservants and maidservants. 12And came to pass the word of the  lord to Jeremiah, saying, 13Thus said the  lord God of Israel, I ordained a covenant with your fathers in the day in which I rescued them from out of the land of Egypt, from out of the house of slavery, saying, 14Whenever [3should be fulfilled 1six 2years], you shall send free [3brother 1your 2Hebrew], who shall be sold to you; and he shall work for you six years, and then you shall send him out free. And they did not hear me, and did not lean their ear. 15And they turned today to do the right thing before my eyes, [2to call 3for a release 1for each] for his neighbor; and they completed a covenant in front of me, in the house of which [3is called 2name 1my] upon in it. 16And you turned and profaned my covenant, to return each his manservant, and each his maidservant, whom you sent out as ones free in their soul, and you subjected them again to be to you for manservants and maidservants. 17On account of this, thus said the  lord, You hearkened not to me to call a release -- each for his brother, and each for his neighbor. Behold, I call a release to you -- to the sword, and to the plague, and to the famine; and I will give you for dispersion unto all the kingdoms of the earth. 18And I will give the men, the ones passing my covenant, the ones not establishing my covenant, which they made in front of me, the calf which they cut in two parts, and I went through in the midst of its parts, 19of the rulers of Judah, and rulers of Jerusalem, and mighty ones, and priests, and all the people of the land; 20and I will give them to their enemies, and into the hand of ones seeking their life. And [2will be 1their decaying flesh] food to the winged creatures of the heaven, and to the wild beasts of the earth. 21And Zedekiah king of Judea, and his rulers I will give into the hands of their enemies, and into the hands of ones seeking their life, and into the hands of the force of the king of Babylon -- to the ones running from them. 22Behold, I order it, says the  lord; and I will return them into this city. And they shall wage war against her, and shall take her, and shall incinerate her in fire; and the cities of Judah -- I will make them for untrodden of ones dwelling.
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