Jeremiah 39


The Fall of Jerusalem

1And it came to pass in the [2year 1ninth] of Zedekiah king of Judah, in the [2month 1tenth], came Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and all his force against Jerusalem, and they assaulted it. 2And in the eleventh year of Zedekiah, in the [2month 1fourth], ninth of the month, [3was broken asunder 1the 2city]. 3And [6entered 1all 2the 3governors 4of the king 5of Babylon] and sat at the gate, the one in the middle, Nergal-sharezer, Samgar, and Nebo-sarsechim, and Nebu-sarkes and Nergal, Sharezer, Rab-mag, and the rest of the governors of the king of Babylon. 4And it came to pass as [4saw 5them 1Zedekiah 2king 3of Judah], and all the men warriors, that they fled and went forth at night from the city according to the way of the garden of the king through the gate between the wall and the fortification around the wall. And they went forth by the way of Araba. 5And [5pursued 1the 2force 3of the 4Chaldeans] after them. And they seized Zedekiah on the other side of Jericho, and they led him to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon to Riblah the city in the land of Hamath. And he spoke against him with judgment. 6And [4slew 1the 2king 3of Babylon] the sons of Zedekiah in Riblah before his eyes; and all the rulers of Judah he slew. 7And the eyes of Zedekiah he blinded. And he bound him with shackles, and he led him unto Babylon. 8And the house of the king, and the houses of the people [3set on fire 1the 2Chaldeans] with fire, and the wall of Jerusalem they demolished. 9And the extra of the people, and the ones being left behind in the city, and the ones falling in -- these, they fell to the king of Babylon. 10And the rest of the people, and the ones being left behind [4removed 1Nabuzar-adan 2the 3chief guard] unto Babylon. And of the poor of the people, the ones who were not anything, [4left behind 1Nabuzar-adan 2the 3chief guard] in the land of Judah. And he gave to them vineyards and fields in that day. 11And [4gave charge 1Nebuchadnezzar 2king 3of Babylon] concerning Jeremiah in the hand of Nebuzar-adan the chief guard, saying, 12Take him and put your eyes upon him! and you should not do to him anything bad; but as it should be said to you, thus you shall do for him! 13And [4sent 1Nabuzar-adan 2the 3chief guard], and Nabushasban and Rab-sares and Nergel and Sharezer and Rab-mag and all the governers of the king of Babylon. 14And they sent and took Jeremiah from out of the courtyard of the guard, and they gave him to Gedaliah son of Ahikam son of Shaphan, and they led him out. And he sat in the midst of the people. 15And to Jeremiah came the word of the  lord in the courtyard of the guard, saying, 16Go and speak to Ebed-melech the Ethiopian! saying, Thus said the  lord God of Israel, Behold, I bring my words upon this city for bad things, and not for good things. And they shall be before you in that day. 17And I shall deliver you in that day, says the  lord, and I will not give you into the hands of the men whom you fear from their face. 18For by delivering, I shall deliver you, and by the broadsword in no way shall you fall. And [2will be 1your life] for gain, for you relied upon me, says the  lord.
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