Jeremiah 4


The LORD Calls Israel to Return

1If Israel should return, says the  lord, to me, he shall be returned. And if he should remove his abominations from his mouth, and [2from 3in front 4of me 1should show reverence], 2and should swear by an oath, The  lord lives, with truth, in equity and in righteousness; then they shall bless [2by 3him 1nations]. And by him they shall give praise to God in Jerusalem. 3For thus says the  lord to the men of Judah, and to the ones dwelling in Jerusalem, Plow to yourselves fields prepared for plowing! and you should not sow among thorn-bushes. 4Circumcise yourselves to your God, and circumcise the hardness of your heart, O men of Judah, and O ones dwelling in Jerusalem! lest [2should go forth 3as 4fire 1my rage], and shall be kindled, and there will not be one extinguishing from in front of the wickednesses of your practices.

The Coming Destruction of Jerusalem

5Announce in Judah, and hearken in Jerusalem! Say! Signify with a trumpet unto the land! Cry out great! Say! Be gathered together! and, We should enter into the [2cities 1walled]. 6In taking up your things, flee unto Zion! Hasten, do not stand! for [3evils 1I 2bring] from the north, and [2destruction 1great]. 7[2ascended 1The lion] from out of his lair, utterly destroying nations. He lifted away and came forth from out of his place, to make the earth for desolation; and your cities shall be demolished, so as to not dwell them. 8Concerning these things gird yourselves with sackcloths, and lament, and shout! because [5shall not 6be turned 1the 2rage 3of the anger 4of the  lord] from you. 9And it will be in that day, says the  lord, [5shall perish 1the 2heart 3of the 4king], and the heart of the rulers; and the priests shall be amazed, and the prophets shall wonder. 10And I said, O master, O  lord, Surely indeed in beguiling you beguiled this people, and Jerusalem, saying, Peace will be to you; whereas [3shall touch 1the 2sword] unto their soul. 11In that time they shall say to this people, and to Jerusalem, There is a spirit of addiction to a delusion in the wilderness; the way of the daughter of my people is not to purity, nor to holiness. 12A spirit of fullness shall come to me; but now I shall speak my judgments against them. 13Behold, as a cloud he shall ascend, and [2as 3a blast 1his chariots]. Lighter than eagles are his horses. Woe to us, for we are in misery. 14Wash [2from 3evils 1your heart], O Jerusalem! that you should be delivered. For how long shall [3exist 4in 5you 1the devices 2of your miseries]? 15Because a voice of one announcing from out of Dan shall come; and [5shall be heard 1the misery 2from out of 3mount 4Ephraim]. 16Remind nations! Behold, announce in Jerusalem! Confederacies are come from out of a land far off, and they uttered [2against 3the 4cities 5of Judah 1their voices]. 17As ones guarding a field they have come upon her round about; for you neglected me, says the  lord. 18 Your ways and your practices did these things to you; this is your evil, for it is bitter, for it touched unto your heart. 19 My belly, my belly aches, and the senses of my heart. [2is irresistibly led 1My soul]. [2is being thrown into a spasm 1My heart]. I shall not keep silent, for [3the sound 4of a trumpet 2heard 1my soul], a cry of war, 20and of misery. Conflict is being called upon, for [4is in misery 1all 2the 3land] suddenly. [3languishes 1The 2tent]; [2have been pulled apart 1my hide coverings]. 21For how long shall I see ones fleeing, hearing the sound of a trumpet? 22For the ones leading my people [3me 1do not 2know]; [3sons 2foolish 1they are], and not discerning. They are wise to do evil, but the [2good 1doing] they have not recognized. 23I looked upon the earth, and behold -- nothing; and into the heaven, and [3not 2were 1its lights]. 24I beheld the mountains, and they was trembling, and all the hills were being disturbed. 25I looked, and behold, [2did not exist 1a man], and all the birds of the heaven were terrified. 26I beheld, and behold, Carmel was desolate, and all the cities being set on fire by fire from the countenance of the  lord; and from the countenance of the anger of his rage they were removed from view. 27Thus says the  lord, [5desolate 4will be 1All 2the 3earth]; [4unto completion 1but 2in no way 3will I do it]. 28Upon these things let [3mourn 1the 2earth], and let [4be darkened 1the 2heaven 3above]! Because I have spoken, and I shall not change my mind. I advanced it, and I will not turn from it. 29From the sound of a horseman, and tightly stretched bow, [3withdrew 1every 2place]; they have entered into the caves, and [2in 3the 4sacred groves 1they were hid]; and [2upon 3the 4rocks 1they ascended]. Every city they abandoned; [2does not 3dwell 4in 5them 1man]. 30And you, what shall you do? If you should put on scarlet, and should be adorned with an ornament of gold; and if you should rub antimony on your eyes, [2is in 3vain 1your finery]; [2thrusted you away 1your lovers], [3life 2your 1they seek]. 31For [2a sound 3as 4women travailing 1I heard]; your moaning as one giving birth for the first time. The voice of the daughter of Zion shall faint, and [2shall weaken 1her hands]; saying, Woe am I, for [2fails 1my soul] over the ones being done away with.
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