Jeremiah 48


Judgment against Moab

1To Moab, thus said the  lord of the forces, the God of Israel; Woe unto Nebo, for it was destroyed; Kiriathaim was taken; [3was shamed 1the 2fortification]; it was vanquished. 2[2is not 3still 4prancing 1Moab]. In Heshbon he devised for her bad things. Come and we should cut her from being a nation, and by cessation she shall cease; [3behind 4you 2shall proceed 1a sword]. 3For there is a voice of men crying out of Horonaim, ruin and [2destruction 1great]. 4Moab is destroyed. Announce in Zogora! 5for Luhith is filled with weeping. It shall ascend weeping in the way of Horonaim. [2a cry 3of destruction 1You heard]. 6Flee and escape with your lives! and you shall be as [2donkey 1a wild] in the wilderness. 7Since you had relied on your fortresses and in your treasures, then you shall be seized. And Chemosh shall go forth in resettlement -- his priests and his rulers together. 8And [2shall come 1ruin] upon every city; and a city in no way shall be delivered. And [3shall be destroyed 1the 2canyon], and [2shall be utterly destroyed 1the plain], as the  lord said. 9Put signs upon Moab, for by an infection she shall be kindled; and all her cities [2for 3an untrodden land 1shall be], because of the not being one dwelling in her. 10Cursed is the one doing the work of the  lord indifferently, and cursed is the one lifting away his sword from blood. 11Moab rested from boyhood, and is relying upon his glory. He has not poured dregs from receptacle unto receptacle, and into settlement he has not set out. On account of this [2stood 1his taste] with him, his scent dissipated not. 12On account of this, behold, days come, says the  lord, and I will send to him ones leaning him down, and they shall lean him down, and [2his vessels 1they shall thin out], and his horns shall break. 13And Moab shall be disgraced from Chemosh, as [4was disgraced 1the 2house 3of Israel] from Beth-el their hope, having relied upon themselves. 14How will you say, We are strong, and each man strong for war. 15Moab is destroyed. His city and [2choice 3young men 1his] went down to slaughter, says the king -- the  lord of the forces is his name. 16Near is the day of Moab to come, and his harm [2quickly 1very]. 17Move him, all ones round about him! All seeing his name, say! O how is [3broken 2staff 1the renowned], the rod of magnificence. 18Come down from glory, and sit [2in 3wetness 1being sat down], O daughter of Dibon! for Moab is destroyed; one ascended unto you laying waste your fortress. 19Upon the way stand and look! O one sitting down in Aroer. And ask the one fleeing and escaping! And say, What happened? 20Moab was disgraced, for he is broken. Shriek and cry out! Announce in Arnon! that Moab is destroyed 21and judgment is come unto the land of Misor, upon Holon, and upon Jahazah, and upon Mephaath, 22and upon Dibon, and upon Nebo, and upon the house of Diblathaim, 23and upon Kiriathaim, and upon the house of Gamul, and upon the house of Meon, 24and upon Kerioth, and upon Bozrah, and upon all the cities of Moab -- the ones at a distance, and the ones near. 25[3was broken 1The horn 2of Moab], and his forearm was destroyed, says the  lord. 26Intoxicate him! for [2against 3the  lord 1he was magnified]. And Moab shall strike with his hand, and will be for laughter, even himself, 27and to us for a joke it was to you, O Israel, and among your stealth he was found, for you waged war along with him. 28[4left 5the 6cities 7and 8lived 9in 10rocks 1The ones 2dwelling 3in Moab]; they became as doves nesting in rocks, at the mouth of a pit. 29I heard the insolence of Moab (he insulted exceedingly) and his insult and his pride; and [2was raised up high 1his heart]. 30But I know, says the  lord, of his works; is it not enough for him? Is it not thus he did? 31On account of this [2for 3Moab 1shriek] on all sides! Yell over men of Keir Heres of squalid conditions! 32As weeping of Jazer, I shall weep over you. O grapevine of Sibmah, your vine branches went through the sea; [2city 3of Jazer 1they touched]. Upon your autumn fruits and upon your grape gatherers ruin fell. 33[2was seized 1Cause for joy], and gladness from Carmel, even from the land of the Moabites; and wine in your wine vats [2by morning 1they treaded not], nor at evening. They did not make a joyful acclamation. 34From a cry of Heshbon unto Elealeh, even unto Jahaz, they gave out their voice; from Zoar unto Horonaim, even as a heifer of three years. For also the water of Nimrim [2for 3burning 1will be]. 35And I will destroy Moab, says the  lord, the one ascending unto the shrine and burning incense to his gods. 36On account of this the heart of Moab [2as 3pipes 1shall resonate]; and my heart [4against 5men 6of Keir 7Heres 2as 3a pipe 1shall resonate]. On account of this, what he procured perished from man. 37Every head in every place shall be shaved, and every beard shall be shaved, and all hands shall beat their chest, and upon every loin there shall be sackcloth, 38even upon all the roofs of Moab, and upon its squares. For I broke Moab, says the  lord, as a receptacle of which there is no need of it. 39O how he reconciled. O how [2turned 3his back 1Moab]. [2was shamed 3and 4became 1Moab] for laughter, and an object of anger to all the ones round about her. 40For thus said the  lord, As an eagle, he shall spread and stetch out his wings for Moab. 41Kerioth was taken, and the fortresses were seized. And [6shall be 1the 2heart 3of the 4might 5of Moab] in that day as the heart of a woman in travail. 42And Moab shall be destroyed from being a multitude, for [2against 3the 4  lord 1it magnified itself]. 43A snare, and fear, and a pit, are upon you, O one settled of Moab, says the  lord. 44The one fleeing from the face of fear shall fall into the cesspool; and the one ascending from out of the cesspool even shall be seized in the snare. For I shall bring these things upon Moab in the year of her visitation, says the  lord. 45In the shadow of Heshbon they stopped -- of the force fleeing. For fire came forth from Heshbon, and a flame from the midst of Sihon, and it devoured the side of Moab, and the top of the sons of Saon. 46Woe to you Moab. [4were destroyed 1the 2people 3of Chemosh]. For they took your sons and your daughters for captivity. 47And I shall return the captivity of Moab in the last days, says the  lord. Unto this is the judgment of Moab.
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