Jeremiah 49


Judgment against Ammon

1To the sons of Ammon, thus said the  lord, [2no 3sons 1Are there] in Israel? or [3inheriting 2no one 1is there] of them? Why did Milcom inherit Gad, and their people [2in 3their cities 1dwell]? 2On account of this, behold, days come, says the  lord, and I shall cause to be heard upon Rabbah of the sons of Ammon a tumult of war. And they shall be for an untrodden land, and for destruction. And her shrines [2by 3fire 1shall be incinerated], and Israel shall inherit his rule, says the  lord. 3Shout, O Heshbon! for Ai was destroyed. Cry out, O daughters of Rabbah! Gird on sackcloths! Be possessed, and lament over Milcom! For in resettlement [4shall proceed 1his priests 2and 3his rulers] together. 4Why do you exult in Emakeim, O daughter of the audacity, the one relying upon her treasures; the one saying, Who shall come to me? 5Behold, I will bring upon you fear, said the  lord of the forces, from all of your adjacent places. And you shall be scattered each unto his front, and there shall not be one gathering the runaways. 6And after these things I will return the captivity of the sons of Ammon, says the  lord. 7To Edom, thus says the  lord, There is no more wisdom in Teman. [4was destroyed 1The counsel 2of 3experts]. [2was undone 1Their wisdom]. 8[2was beguiled 1Their place]. Deepen to yourselves into sitting, O ones dwelling in Dedan, for [2difficult 1he made]; I led him in the time which I visited against him. 9For grape gatherers came to you -- the ones who shall not leave behind to you vestiges. As thieves in the night they shall put their hands. 10For I dragged down Esau; I uncovered their hidden things; [3to hide 1in no way 2shall they be able]; they were destroyed by the hand of his brother, and his neighbor; and he is not. 11Let [2be left behind 1your orphan] that he should live, and I shall enliven, and your widows [2upon 3me 1shall hope]. 12For thus says the  lord, Behold, the ones which were not by law to drink the cup, drank; and you for being acquitted in no way shall be acquitted; for by drinking you shall drink. 13For according to myself I swear by an oath, says the  lord, that for an untrodden land, and for scorning, and for a curse, you will be in the midst of her; and all her cities shall be wildernesses into eon. 14In hearing, I heard from the  lord, and [2messengers 3unto 4nations 1he sent], saying, Gather together, and come to her! Rise up for war! 15Behold, [3to be small 1I have appointed 2you] among nations, despicable among men. 16 Your play took in hand against you; audacity of your heart deposed holes of rocks, it seized the strength [2hill 1of a high]. For if you should raise up high [2as 3an eagle 1your nest], says the  lord, from there I will lower you. 17And Edom will be for an untrodden land. All the ones coming upon her shall be amazed, and shall whistle over all her calamities. 18As [6were eradicated 1Sodom 2and 3Gomorrah 4and 5her sojourners], said the  lord, in no way shall [2sit 3there 1a man], nor in any way should [3dwell 4there 1a son 2of man]. 19Behold, as a lion he shall ascend from out of the midst of the Jordan unto the place of Aitham. For quickly I will drive them from her. And [2the 3young men 4against 5her 1you set]! For who is as I? And who shall oppose me? And who is this shepherd who shall stand in front of me? 20On account of this, hear the plan of the  lord! which he planned against Edom; and his device which he devised against the ones dwelling Teman. Surely [5shall be scraped away 1the 2least 3of the 4sheep]. Surely [2shall be made impassable 3for 4them 1their resting-place]? 21From the sound of their downfall [3was shaken 1the 2earth]. Your cry in the sea was heard. 22Behold, as an eagle he shall ascend, and shall see, and shall stretch out the wings against her fortresses. And [6will be 1the 2heart 3of the 4strong ones 5of Edom] in that day as the heart of a woman travailing.

Judgment against Damascus

23To Damascus. Hamath was disgraced and Arpad; for they heard [2report 1an evil]. They were startled; they were enraged; [3to rest 1in no way 2shall they be able]. 24Damascus was enfeebled; she was turned to flight; trembling took hold of her; straitness and grief constrained her as one being in travail. 25O how was she not abandoned, [2city 1praised], the town being loved. 26On account of this, [2shall fall 1young men] in your squares; and all the men, your warriors, shall fall in that day, says the  lord of the forces. 27And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall devour the plaza of the son of Hadad. 28To Kedar and to the queen of the courtyard which [4struck 1Nebuchadnezzar 2king 3of Babylon]. Thus said the  lord, Rise up and ascend unto Kedar, and strike the sons of Kedem! 29[2their tents 3and 4their sheep 1They shall take], their garments and all their vessels; and [2their camels 1they shall take] for themselves. And you call upon them destruction round about! 30Flee exceedingly! Deepen into sitting! sitting down in the courtyard, says the  lord. For [4planned 5against 6you 1Nebuchadnezzar 2king 3of Babylon] a plan, and devised against you a device. 31Rise up and ascend upon [2nation 1a stable]! one sitting down for respite, which there are no doors nor bars -- alone they rest up. 32And [2will be 1their camels] for plunder, and the multitude of their cattle will be for destruction. And I shall winnow them with every wind, being shaven in front of them; from every side of them I will bring their enemy routing them, said the  lord. 33And [3will be 1the 2courtyard] for a pastime of ostriches, and an untrodden place unto the eon; in no way shall [2be seated 3there 1a man], nor in any way should [3dwell 4there 1a son 2of man].

Judgment Against Elam

34And came to pass the word of the  lord to Jeremiah the prophet against Elam, in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah, saying, 35Thus says the  lord of the forces, Behold, I break the bow of Elam, the source of their dominions. 36And I shall bring upon Elam four winds from the four uttermost parts of the heaven; and I will scatter them in all these winds; and there will not be a nation which shall not come -- the ones being pushing out of Elam. 37And I shall terrify them before their enemies, of the ones seeking their life. And I will bring upon them evil according to the anger of my rage, says the  lord. And I will send [2as successor 3after 4them 1my sword], until the completely consuming them. 38And I will put my throne in Elam, and I will send out from there a king and great men, says the  lord. 39And it will be at the latter ends of the days I will return the captivity of Elam, says the  lord.
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