Jeremiah 5


The Rebellion of Israel

1Run about in the streets of Jerusalem, and see! And know, and seek in her squares! if there should be found a man; if there is one having equity, and seeking trust -- and I will be kind to them, says the  lord. 2As the  lord lives, they say, On account of this do they not [2with 3lies 1swear by an oath]? 3O  lord, your eyes look unto trust. You whipped them, and they were not pained. You finished them off entirely, but they did not want to take correction. They solidified their faces above a rock, and they did not want to turn towards you. 4And I said, perhaps they are poor, because they are not able. For they do not know the way of the  lord, and the equity of God. 5I will go to the stout men and speak to them, for they recognized the way of the  lord, and the equity of God. And behold, with one accord they broke the yoke, they tore up the bonds. 6On account of this [2smote 3them 1a lion] from out of the forest; and the wolf [3unto 4their houses 1annihilated 2them]; and a leopard acted vigilant over their cities. All the ones going forth from them shall be hunted; for they multiplied their impiety, they strengthened in their rejection. 7What kind [4for these things 1of kindness 2should happen 3to you]? Your sons abandoned me, and they swore by an oath by the ones not being gods. And I have filled them, and they committed adultery, and [2in 3the houses 4of harlots 1rested up]. 8[3horses 2sex-crazed 1They became]; each [2over 3the 4wife 5of his neighbor 1snorting]. 9Shall [4over 5these things 2not 1I 3visit]? says the  lord. or [2a nation 1to such] shall not [2take vengeance 1my soul]? 10Ascend upon her battlements, and raze! [4unto completion 1But 2you should not 3do it]. Destroy her supports! for [2of the  lord 1they are not]. 11For in disrespecting they disrespected against me, says the  lord, even the house of Israel, and the house of Judah. 12They have lied to their  lord, and they said, [3not so 2are 1These things]; there shall not come upon us bad things, and the sword and hunger we will not see. 13 Our prophets were into the wind, and the word of the  lord does not exist among them. Thus it shall be to them. 14On account of this, thus says the  lord almighty, Because you spoke this word, behold, I have given my words into your mouth as fire, and this people as wood, and it shall devour them.

The Coming Destruction

15Behold, I bring upon you a nation at a distance, O house of Israel, says the  lord. [2nation 1A strong], a nation from the eon, a nation of which you shall not hear the voice of its language. 16All strong men; his quiver is as a tomb being open. 17And they shall devour your harvest, and your bread loaves. And they shall devour your sons, and your daughters. And they shall devour your sheep, and your calves. And they shall devour your vineyards, and your fig groves, and your olive groves. And they shall thresh [2cities 1your fortified], (upon which you rely upon them,) by the broadsword. 18And it will be in those days, says the  lord your God, in no way will I appoint you unto completion. 19And it will be whenever you should say, For what reason did [3do 1the  lord 2our God] to us all these things? That you shall say to them, Because you abandoned me, and served strange gods in your land. Thus shall you serve strangers in a land not of yours. 20Announce these things unto the house of Jacob, and let it be heard in of Judah! 21Hearken indeed to these things, [4people 1O moronish 2and 3heartless]! They have eyes, and they do not see; they have ears, and they do not hear. 22Will [3me 1you not 2fear], says the  lord? or before my face will you not show veneration? the one ordering the sand for a limit to the sea [2order 1as an eternal], and the sea shall not pass over it; and it shall be disturbed but it will not be prevailing; and [2shall resound 1its waves], but shall not pass over it. 23 But to this people there became [2heart 1an unhearing], and a resistance of persuasion. They turned aside and departed. 24And they have not said in their heart, We should indeed fear the  lord our God, the one giving to us [4rain 1the early 2and 3late] according to its season of the fullness of the order of harvest, and he guarded it for us. 25 Your lawless deeds turned aside these things. And your sins removed the good things from you. 26For [2were found 3among 4my people 1impious men]. And [2a snare 1they set] to corrupt men; and they conceive their plan. 27As a snare having been set is full of birds, so their houses are full of treachery. On account of this they were magnified, and enriched. 28They became fat and violated equity. They judged not the case of the orphan, and [2for the case 3of the widow 1they judged not]. 29Shall I not [2for 3these 1watch], says the  lord? or to [2a nation 1such] shall I not avenge my soul? 30A change of state and causes for shuddering was taken place upon the earth. 31The prophets prophesied unjustly, and the priests clapped their hands; and my people have loved it so. And what will you do in the times after these things?
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