Jeremiah 50


The Word against Babylon

1The word of the  lord which he spoke against Babylon, and against the land of the Chaldeans, by the hand of Jeremiah the prophet. 2Announce among the nations, and [2audible 1make it]! Lift up a sign and [2audible 1make it]! And you should not hide it. Say! Babylon is captured. Bel was disgraced. Merodach was delivered up. [2were shamed 1their carvings]. [2were delivered up 1Their idols]. 3For ascended upon her a nation from the north. This one put her land for extinction, and there will not be one dwelling in her from man and beast. 4They shook and went; in those days, and in that time, says the  lord, [4shall come 1the 2sons 3of Israel]; they and the sons of Judah together. Proceeding and weeping they shall go [2the 3  lord 4their God 1seeking]. 5[4unto 5Zion 1They shall ask 2the 3way]; for here [2their face 1they shall set], and they shall come and shall take refuge with the  lord; [3covenant 1for 2the everlasting] shall not be forgotten. 6[4sheep 3perishing 2became 1My people]; their shepherds pushed them out; [2upon 3the 4mountains 1they led them astray]; from mountain unto hill they set out, they forgot their fold. 7All the ones finding them consumed them. Their enemies said, We should not spare them, because they sinned against the  lord, the pasture of righteousness to the one gathering their fathers -- the  lord. 8Be separated from out of the midst of Babylon, and from the land of the Chaldeans! And go forth and become as dragons in front of sheep! 9For behold, I raise up against Babylon gatherings [2nations 1of great] from out of the land of the north, and they shall deploy against her. From there she shall be captured as the arrow [2warrior 1of an expert] shall not return empty. 10And [3will be 1the 2Chaldeans] for plunder; all the ones despoiling her will be filled up, says the  lord. 11For you were glad, and gloried over plundering of my inheritance. For you leaped as young bullocks in a pasture, and gored as bulls. 12[3shamed 1Your mother 2is exceedingly]; [4felt shame 1the one 2giving birth to 3you]. Behold, the last of the nations shall be desolate and untrodden. 13From the anger of the  lord it shall not be dwelt in, and [2will be 3for 4extinction 1all]. And all traveling through Babylon shall look downcast, and shall whistle at all her calamity. 14Deploy against Babylon round about, all stretching the bow! Shoot against her! Spare not against her your bows! for against the  lord she sinned. 15And secure her! [2were disabled 1Her hands]; [3fell 1the 2parapets]; [2was razed 1her wall]. For [2vengeance 3by 4God 1it is]. Take vengeance against her. As she did, you do to her! 16Utterly destroy the seed from out of Babylon! the one holding the sickle in the time of harvest, from in front of the Grecian sword. Each unto his people shall return, and each unto his land shall flee. 17[3sheep 2is a wandering 1Israel]; lions pushed him out. The [3first 4devoured 5him 1king 2of Assyria], and this one afterwards devoured his bones -- the king of Babylon. 18On account of this, thus says the  lord of the forces, the God of Israel, Behold, I take vengeance against the king of Babylon and his land, as I took vengeance against the king of Assyria. 19And I will restore Israel unto his pasture. And he shall feed on Carmel, and in Bashan, and on mount Ephraim, and in Gilead, and [2shall be satisfied 1his soul]. 20In those days, and in that time, says the  lord, they shall seek the unrighteousness of Israel, and it will not exist. And they shall seek the sins of Judah, and in no way shall they be found. For [2kindness 1I will be] to the ones being left behind. 21Upon the land, Bitterly, mount up against her! And against the ones dwelling in her punish by sword, and obliterate! says the  lord. And do according to all as much as I give charge to you! 22The sound of war and [2destruction 1great] in the land of Chaldeans. 23O how [6was broken in pieces 7and 8defeated 1the 2hammer 3of all 4the 5earth]? O how [2became 3for 4extinction 1Babylon] among the nations? 24They shall attack you. and you shall be captured, O Babylon, and you did not know. You shall be found and taken, for against the  lord you opposed. 25The  lord opened his treasury, and brought forth the items of his anger; for it is a work for the  lord God of the forces, in the land of Chaldeans. 26For [2have come 1her times]. Open her storehouses! Search her as a cave, and utterly destroy her! Let [3not be 1her 2vestige]! 27Dry up all her fruits, and go down for slaughter! Woe to them, for [2is come 1their day], and a time of their punishment. 28A sound of ones fleeing and escaping from out of the land of Babylon, to announce unto Zion the vengeance by the  lord our God -- vengeance of his temple. 29Exhort [2against 3Babylon 1many]! to every one stretching tight the bow. Camp upon her round about! Let there not be her escaping! Recompense to her according to her works! According to all as much as she did, you do to her! For [2against 3the 4  lord 1she withstood] God, the holy one of Israel. 30On account of this [2shall fall 1her young men] in her squares, and all the men, her warriors, shall be tossed down in that day, says the  lord. 31Behold, I am against you, O proud one, says the  lord God of the forces; for [2is come 1your day], and the time of your punishment. 32And [2shall be weakened 1your insolence] and shall fall, and there shall not be one raising it. And I will kindle a fire in her forest, and it shall devour all the things round about her. 33Thus says the  lord of the forces, [9have been tyrannized 1The 2sons 3of Israel 4and 5the 6sons 7of Judah 8together]. All the ones capturing them tyrannized them; for they did not want to send them out. 34But the one ransoming them is strong; the  lord almighty is his name. [2equitably 1He will judge] against his opponents, that [3should be removed 1the 2land]; and he provokes the ones dwelling in Babylon. 35A sword upon the Chaldeans, says the  lord, and upon the ones dwelling Babylon, and upon her great men, and upon her experts. 36A sword upon her clairvoyants, and they shall be fools. A sword upon her warriors, and they shall be disabled. 37A sword upon their horses, and upon their chariots, and upon the consolidation (the one in the midst of her,) and they will be as women. A sword upon her treasures, and they shall be plundered. 38[2upon 3her water 1It relied]; and they shall be disgraced. For [2a land 3of carved images 1it is], and in the islands they gloried over. 39On account of this [2shall dwell 1the effigies] among the islands, and there shall dwell in them daughters of sirens. In no way should it be inhabited any longer unto the eon, nor shall it be encamped unto generation and generation. 40As God eradicated Sodom and Gomorrah and the places adjoining them, said the  lord, in no way shall [2dwell 3there 1man], and in no way shall [3sojourn 4there 1a son 2of man]. 41Behold, a people come from the north, and [2nation 1a great], and [2kings 1many] shall be awakened from the end of the earth. 42[2a bow 3and 4a knife 1They are holding]. They are audacious, and in no way shall they show mercy. Their voice [2as 3the sea 1shall sound]. Upon horses they shall ride, being prepared as fire for war against you, O daughter of Babylon. 43[3heard 1The king 2of Babylon] the report of them, and [2were disabled 1his hands]; affliction held him firmly, pangs as a woman giving birth. 44Behold, as if a lion, he shall ascend from the Jordan into the place Aithan. For quickly I will drive them from her, and [2every 3young man 4against 5her 1I will set]. For who is as I, and who shall oppose me, and who is this shepherd who shall stand in front of me? 45On account of this, hear the plan of the  lord! which he has planned against Babylon; and his devices which he devised against the ones dwelling the land of the Chaldeans. Surely [4will be utterly destroyed 1the 2little lambs 3of their sheep]. Surely [2shall be removed 1the pasture] from them. 46For from the sound of the conquest of Babylon [3shall be shaken 1the 2earth], and her cry among nations shall be heard.
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