Jeremiah 51


The LORD Awakens against Babylon

1Thus says the  lord, Behold, I awaken against Babylon, and against the Chaldeans dwelling there [3wind 2burning 1an utterly destroying]. 2And I shall send against Babylon arrogant ones. And they shall insult her, and lay waste her land. Woe upon Babylon round about in the day of her affliction. 3Upon her let [3stretch 1the one 2stretching] his bow, and put on what is his weapons! And spare not against her young men, and obliterate all her force! 4And [2shall fall 1slain] in the land of the Chaldeans, and men being pierced through will fall from outside of her. 5For [4have not 5been widowed 1Israel 2and 3Judah] from their God, from the  lord almighty. For their land was filled with injustice from the holy things of Israel. 6Flee from out of the midst of Babylon, and let [2rescue 1each] his life! You should not be reeling in her iniquity, for [2the time 3of her punishment 1it is] by the  lord; a recompense he shall recompense to her. 7A cup of gold is Babylon in the hand of the  lord, intoxicating all the earth; [3from 4her wine 2drank 1the nations]; on account of this they are shaken. 8And suddenly Babylon fell, and was broken. Lament her! Take balm for her hurt! if by any means she should be healed. 9We medically treated Babylon, and she would not be healed. We should abandon her, and [2go forth 1each] unto his land, for [2has approached 3unto 4heaven 1her judgment]. You lifted unto the stars. 10The  lord brought forth his judgment. Come, for we should announce in Zion the works of the  lord our God. 11Prepare the bows! fill the quivers! The  lord aroused the spirit of the king of the Medes. For [2is against 3Babylon 1his anger], to utterly destroy her. For [2vengeance 3from 4the  lord 1it is]; vengeance of his people. 12Against the walls of Babylon lift up a sign! Set watches! Prepare shields! for [2took in hand 3and 4he will do 1the  lord] what he spoke against the ones dwelling Babylon, 13O ones encamping upon [2waters 1many], and upon the multitude of her treasures, [3is come 1your limit 2truly] into your intestines. 14For the  lord swore by an oath according to his arm, saying, For I shall fill you of men as locusts, and [3shall utter a sound 4against 5you 1the ones 2going down]; 15the one making the earth with his strength, preparing the world in his wisdom; with his understanding he stretched out the heaven. 16At his voice he set a great echo of water in the heaven, and he led clouds from the end of the earth. [2lightnings 3for 4the rain 1He made], and he led light from out of his treasuries. 17[3has acted moronish 1Every 2man] because of knowledge; [3was disgraced 1every 2goldsmith] because of their carved images. For [2false gods 1they cast]; there is no breath in them. 18They are vain works, being scorned. In the time of their visitation they shall be destroyed. 19Not such is the portion to Jacob; for the one shaping all things, he is his inheritance; the  lord of the forces is his name. 20You scatter for me items of war; and I shall scatter [2by 3you 1nations]; and I will lift away [2from 3you 1kings]. 21And I will scatter by you the horse and his rider. And I will scatter by you chariots and their riders. 22And I will scatter by you husband and wife. And I will scatter by you the old man and child. And I will scatter by you the young man and virgin. 23And I will scatter by you the shepherd and his flock. And I will scatter by you the farmer and his farm. And I will scatter by you governors and your commandants. 24And I will recompense to Babylon and to all the Chaldeans dwelling there all their evils which they did against Zion before your eyes, says the  lord. 25Behold, I am against you, [2mountain 1O corrupting], corrupting all the earth. And I will stretch out my hand against you. And I will roll [3downwards 4from you 1the 2rocks], and I will make you as a mountain being set on fire. 26And in no way shall they take from you a stone for a corner, and a stone for a foundation. For into [2extinction 1eternal] you will be, says the  lord. 27Lift up a sign upon the earth! Trump among the nations with a trumpet! Sanctify [2against 3her 1the nations]! Exhort [2against 3her 1kingdoms] -- Ararat by me, and to the Ashchenazi! Set against her a range of weapons! Haul against her the horses as [2of locusts 1a multitude]! 28Haul up [2against 3her 1nations]! the king of the Medes and all the earth; his leaders, and all of his commandants. 29[3was shaken 1The 2earth], and toiled because [3rose up 4against 5Babylon 1the device 2of the  lord], to appoint the land of Babylon for extinction, and to not inhabit it. 30[3failed 1The warrior 2of Babylon] to wage war, they shall sit there in the citadel. [2was enfeebled 1Their domination]; they became as women; he set on fire her tents; [2were broken 1her bars]. 31One is pursuing to meet one pursuing to pursue; and one announcing to meet one announcing to announce to the king of Babylon that [2is captured 1his city]. 32Of the last of his fords were taken, and his assemblages were burned by fire, and his men warriors are coming forth. 33For thus says the  lord of the forces, the God of Israel; The houses of the king of Babylon [2as 3a threshing-floor 4in season 1shall be threshed]; still a little and [2shall come 1her harvest]. 34He devoured me, [4portioned 5me 1Nebuchadnezzar 2king 3of Babylon]; [3overtook 4me 2darkness 1a fine]; he swallowed me down as a dragon; he filled his belly of my delicacies. 35[5pushed 6me 1My troubles 2and 3my miseries] into Babylon, [3shall say 1the one dwelling 2Zion]; and, My blood is upon the [2dwelling there 1Chaldeans], [2shall say 1Jerusalem]. 36On account of this thus says the  lord, Behold, I shall judge your opponent, and I will avenge your punishment, and I will make desolate her sea, and dry up her spring. 37And Babylon will be for extinction, a dwelling of dragons, an extinction hissing, and it shall not be inhabited. 38As lions they were aroused together, and as cubs of lions. 39In their heat I will give to them a drink, and I shall intoxicate them so that they should be stupefied, and should sleep [2sleep 1an everlasting], and no way should they be roused, says the  lord. 40I shall bring them down as lambs to slaughter, and as rams with kids. 41O how Sheshach is captured, and [6is hunted 1the 2boasting 3of all 4the 5earth]. O how Babylon became for extinction among the nations. 42[3ascended 4upon 5Babylon 1The 2sea] with the sound of its waves, and she was covered up. 43[2became 1Her cities] for extinction, [4land 1a waterless 2and 3untrodden]. There shall not dwell in her not one thing, nor should there rest up in her a son of man. 44And I shall take vengeance against Babylon, and I will bring forth what she swallowed down from out of her mouth; and in no way should [3gather 4to 5her 6any more 1the 2nations]. And even the wall of Babylon shall fall. 45Come forth from his midst my people, and let each deliver his own life from the anger of the rage of the  lord! 46Lest at any time [2should be consumed 1your heart], and you should be afraid on account of the report which shall be heard in the land, and [2shall come 3in 4a year 1the report], and after the year another report; misery and iniquity over the land, and one dominating over the one dominating. 47On account of this, behold, days come, and I shall take vengeance upon the carvings of Babylon, and all their land shall be made ashamed, all her slain shall fall in the midst of her. 48And shall be glad over Babylon the heavens and the earth, and all the ones in them. For from the north comes to him ones utterly destroying, says the  lord. 49And even as Babylon [2to fall 1acted] of the ones slain of Israel, also in Babylon [5shall fall 1the slain 2of all 3the 4earth]. 50O ones being rescued from the broadsword, go and do not stand! Make mention, O ones far off, of the  lord, and let Jerusalem ascend upon your heart! 51We were ashamed for we heard our scorning. [2covered up 1Dishonor] our face. For [2entered 1foreigners] into our holy places, into the house of the  lord. 52On account of this, behold, days come, says the  lord, and I will take vengeance against her carved images. And in all her land [2shall fall 1the slain]. 53For though Babylon should ascend as the heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength; from me shall come ones utterly destroying her, says the  lord. 54The sound of a cry in Babylon, and [2destruction 1great] in the land of Chaldeans. 55For the  lord utterly destroyed Babylon. And he destroyed from her [2voice 1a great] sounding as [2waters 1many]; he gave [2for 3ruin 1her voice]. 56For [2came 3upon 4Babylon 1misery]; [2captured 1her warriors]; [2was terrified 1their bow]; for God recompenses to them. 57The  lord recompenses to her the recompense, and he shall intoxicate [2by intoxication 1her governors], and her wise men, and her commandants, says the king -- the  lord almighty is his name. 58Thus says the  lord almighty, The wall of Babylon was widened; by razing it shall be razed, and [3gates 1her 2high] by fire shall be set on fire; and [2shall tire 1peoples] in vanity, and nations [2in 3their rule 1shall fail]. 59The word which the  lord gave charge to Jeremiah the prophet to say to Seraiah son of Neriah, son of Maaseiah when he went with Zedekiah the king of Judah into Babylon in the [2year 1fourth] of his kingdom. And Seraiah was ruler of the gifts. 60And Jeremiah wrote all the evils which shall come upon Babylon in a scroll; all these words being written against Babylon. 61And Jeremiah said to Seraiah, Whenever you should come into Babylon, and shall see, and shall read all these words; 62then you shall say, O  lord, you spoke against this place, to utterly destroy it, and to not be in it any dwelling from man unto beast, for [2an extinction 3into 4the 5eon 1it will be]. 63And it will be whenever you shall cease to read this scroll, that you shall fasten upon it a stone, and shall toss it into the midst of the Euphrates, 64and shall say, So shall Babylon descend, and in no way shall she rise up from in front of the evils which I bring upon her, and it shall vanish. Until this are the words of Jeremiah.
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