Jeremiah 52


The Reign of Zedekiah

1Being the twentieth and one year of Zedekiah in his taking reign, and [2eleven 3years 1he reigned] in Jerusalem. And the name of his mother was Hamutal daughter of Jeremiah of Libnah. 2And he did the wicked thing before the  lord according to all as much as Jehoiakim did. 3For the wrath of the  lord was in Jerusalem and in Judah, until of which time the throwing them off from his face, and Zedekiah separated against the king of Babylon.

The Fall of Jerusalem

4And it came to pass in the [2year 1ninth] of his kingdom, in [3month 1the 2tenth], on the tenth of the month, [4came 1Nebuchadnezzar 2king 3of Babylon], and all his force against Jerusalem. And they encamped by it, and they built against it a rampart round about. 5And [3came 1the 2city] into conflict until the eleventh year to king Zedekiah. 6In [3month 1the 2fourth], the ninth of the month, even [3was solidified 1the 2famine] in the city, and there were no bread loaves to the people of the land. 7And [3was cut through 1the 2city], and all the men warriors fled and went forth by night according to the way of the gate in the middle of the wall, and the area around the wall, which was next to the garden of the king; (and the Chaldeans were upon the city round about) and they went by the way into the wilderness. 8And [5pursued 1the 2force 3of the 4Chaldeans] after the king, and overtook him on the other side of Jericho. And all his servants were dispersed away from him. 9And they seized the king, and led him to the king of Babylon in Riblah in the land of Hamath; and he spoke to him with judgment. 10And [4slew 1the 2king 3of Babylon] the sons of Zedekiah in front of his eyes. And all the rulers of Judah he slew in Riblah. 11And the eyes of Zedekiah were blinded; and he bound him in shackles, and [4led 5him 1the 2king 3of Babylon] into Babylon, and put him into [2house 1the mill] until the day of which he died.

The Destruction of The LORD's House

12And in the [2month 1fifth], the tenth of the month, came Nabuzar-ardan the chief guard (the one standing in front of the king of Babylon) unto Jerusalem. 13And he burnt the house of the  lord, and the house of the king, and all the houses of the city; even all [2houses 1the great] he burnt with fire. 14And every wall of Jerusalem round about was demolished by the force of the Chaldeans with the chief guard. 15And from the needy of the people, and the rest of the people, and the ones being left behind in the city, and the ones falling in, the ones who fell to the king of Babylon, and the extra of the multitude [3moved 1the 2chief guard]. 16And [4some from 5the 6poor 7of the 8land 3left behind 1the 2chief guard] for vine dressers and for farmers. 17And the columns, the ones of brass, the ones in the house of the  lord, and the bases, and the [2sea 1brass], the one in the house of the  lord [3broke 1the 2Chaldeans]. And they took of their brass unto Babylon. 18And the rim, and the bowls, and the meat hooks, and all the items of brass in which they officiated by them; 19even the silver things, and the snuffers, and the oil flasks, and the lamp-stands, and the incense pans, and the cups -- which was gold by gold, and which was silver by silver [3took 1the 2chief guard]; 20and the [2columns 1two], and the [2sea 1one], and the [2calves 1twelve] of brass underneath the sea, which [3made 1king 2Solomon] for the house of the  lord. [3was not known 1The weight 2of their brass]. 21And the columns -- eighteen cubits was the height of the [2column 1one], and a string measure of twelve cubits surrounded it, and its thickness [2fingers 1was of four] round about. 22And the molding upon them was of brass, and [3was five 4cubits 1the 2length], superior of the molding of the one. And a latticed work and pomegranates were upon the molding round about, all of brass; according to these things was [3column 1the 2second] and pomegranates. 23And there were the pomegranates -- ninety-six to the one part; and there were in all the pomegranates upon the lattice work round about a hundred.

Exile to Babylon

24And [3took 1the 2chief guard] Seraiah the [2priest 1foremost], and Zephaniah the priest being second, and the three of the ones guarding the way. 25And from the city he took [2eunuch 1one] who was supervisor of the men of the warriors, and seven [2men 1famous] of the ones in front of the king, of the ones being found in the city, and the scribe of the forces, the one acting as scribe to the people of the land, and sixty men from out of the people of the land, of the ones being found in the midst of the city. 26And [4took 5them 1Nabuzar-ardan 2the 3chief guard], and he led them to the king of Babylon in Riblah. 27And [3struck 4them 1the king 2of Babylon] in Riblah in the land of Hamath. And Judah was transferred from its land. 28This is the people whom Nebuchadnezzar transferred in [2year 1the seventh], of Jews -- three thousand and twenty-three. 29In [4year 1the eighth 2and 3tenth] of Nebuchadnezzar he transferred from Jerusalem [4souls 1eight hundred 2thirty 3two]. 30In [4year 1the third 2and 3twentieth] of Nebuchadnezzar, [3transferred 1the 2chief guard] of Jews [3souls 1seven hundred 2forty-five]. All the souls four thousand and six hundred. 31And it came to pass in the thirtieth and seventh year of the resettling of Jehoiakim king of Judah, in the twelfth month, on the fifth and twentieth day of the month, [4took 1Evil-merodach 2king 3of Babylon], in the year in which he took reign, the head of Jehoiakim king Judah, and led him from out of the house of which he was guarded. 32And he spoke to him graciously. And he put his throne above the thrones of the kings, of the ones with him in Babylon. 33And he changed [2apparel 1his prison]. And he ate bread always in front of him all the days which he lived. 34And the rate [3to him 2given 1always] by the king of Babylon continued from day to day until the day of which he died.
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