Jeremiah 6


Destruction from the North

1Grow in strength, O sons of Benjamin, from the midst of Jerusalem! And in Tekoa signify by trumpet! And over Beth-haccerem lift a sign! For bad things look from the north, and [2destruction 1great] is happening. 2And [2shall be removed 1your haughtiness], O daughter of Zion. 3[3unto 4her 2shall come 1Shepherds] and their flocks; and they shall pitch [2against 3her 1tents] round about. And [2shall tend 1each] with his hand. 4Make preparations against her for war! Rise up! for we should ascend upon her at midday. Woe to us, for [3has declined 1the 2day], for [5fail 1the 2shadows 3of the 4day]. 5Rise up! for we should ascend at night, and utterly destroy her foundations. 6For thus says the  lord of the forces, Cut down her trees! Discharge [2against 3Jerusalem 1a force], O [2city 1lying]! Complete tyranny is in her. 7As [2cools 1a well] its water, so [2cools 1evil] her. Impiety and misery shall be heard in her before her face always. 8In misery and with a whip you shall be corrected, O Jerusalem, lest [2should depart 1my soul] from you; lest I should make you an untrodden land, which shall not be settled in. 9For thus says the  lord of the forces, Glean! Glean [4as 5a grapevine 1the 2remnants 3of Israel]! Return as one gathering the vintage returns unto his basket! 10To whom should I speak, and testify, and he shall hearken? Behold, [2are uncircumcised 1their ears], and they are not able to hear. Behold, the word of the  lord became to them as a scorning; in no way shall they be willing to hear it. 11And [2my rage 1I filled], and I waited, but not finished them off entirely. I will pour out upon the simple ones outside, and upon the gathering of young men together; for man and woman shall be seized; the elder with the one full of days. 12And [2shall be transferred 1their houses] to others, with fields and their wives together. For I will stretch out my hand against the ones dwelling this land, says the  lord. 13For from their small and unto great all have completed lawless deeds; from the priest and unto false prophet, all acted falsely. 14And they repaired the destruction of my people treating it with contempt, and saying, Peace. And where is peace? 15They were shamed for they failed; but neither as ones being disgraced were they disgraced; and their dishonor they knew not. On account of this they shall fall in their downfall, and in time of their visitation they shall perish, said the  lord. 16Thus says the  lord, Stand upon the ways, and behold! and ask [2roads 3of the  lord 1of eternal]! and see what kind is the [2way 1good]! and proceed in it! and you will find purification to your souls. And they said, We will not go. 17I have placed over you watchmen; hearken to the sound of the trumpet! But they said, We will not hearken. 18On account of this, [3heard 1the 2nations], and the ones tending their flocks. 19Hearken, O earth! Behold, I will bring upon this people bad things -- the fruit of their rejection. For my word they heeded not, and my law they have thrust away. 20Why [5to me 2frankincense 3from out of 4Sheba 1do you bring], and cinnamon from out of a land far off? Your whole burnt-offerings are not acceptable, and your sacrifices have not delighted me. 21On account of this, thus says the  lord, Behold, I impute upon this people weakness, and [4shall weaken 5in 6it 1fathers 2and 3sons] together; neighbor and his near one shall perish. 22Thus says the  lord, Behold, a people comes from the north, and nations shall be awakened from the end of the earth. 23Bow and pike they shall hold. It is audacious, and will not show mercy. Its sound is as the sea swelling up. Upon horses and chariots it shall deploy as fire for war against you, O daughter of Zion. 24We heard the report of them; [2were disabled 1our hands]; affliction holds us down; pangs as a woman giving birth. 25Do not go forth into a field, and [3in 4the 5ways 1do not 2proceed]! For a broadsword of the enemies sojourns round about. 26Daughter of my people, gird on sackcloth! Strew ashes! [3mourning 4as of a beloved one 1You shall observe 2for yourself] by beating the breast pitiably. For suddenly [2shall come 1misery] upon you. 27[3as an approver 1I have appointed 2you] among peoples being tried; and you shall know in my trying their way. 28All are unhearing, going crookedly; as brass and iron [2all 3being corrupted 1they are]. 29[2failed 1The bellows] at the fire; [2failed 1the lead]; [3in 4vain 1the silversmith 2works silver]; their wickednesses do not melt away. 30[4silver 3rejected 1Call 2them]! for [2rejected 3them 1the  lord].
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