Jeremiah 8


Israel Refuses to Repent

1In that time, says the  lord, They shall bring forth the bones of the kings of Judah, and the bones of its rulers, and the bones of the priests, and the bones of their prophets, and the bones of the ones dwelling in Jerusalem, from out of their burying-places. 2And they shall freshen them to the sun, and to the moon, and to all the stars, and to all the military of the heaven, which they loved, and which they served, and whom they went after them, and whom they held to, and to whom they did obeisance to them. They shall not be lamented, and they shall not be entombed. And they will be for an example on the face of the earth. 3For they took death rather than life, even to all the ones remaining to the ones being left behind from that generation, in every place of which ever I shall push them there. 4For thus says the  lord, Shall the one falling, not be raised up? or the one turning, not return? 5Why turned this people [2rejection 1in an impudent], and they hold firmly to their resolve, and they do not want to return? 6Give ear indeed, and hearken! [2not 3rightly 1Will they] speak? There is not a man repenting from his evil, saying, What did I do? [3stopped 1The one 2running] from his race, as a horse sweating in his snorting. 7Even the stork in the heaven knew her time, and the turtle-dove and the swallow of the field. The sparrows guard the times of their entrances. But my people knew not the judgments of the  lord. 8How shall you say that, [3wise 2are 1We], and the law of the  lord [2with 3us 1is]? For [4vain 3became 2rush reed pen 1the lying] to the scribes. 9[2are ashamed 1The wise men], terrified, and convicted; for the word of the  lord they rejected; what wisdom is in them? 10On account of this, I give their wives to others, and their fields to the heirs. For from small unto great all [2a fondness of money 1pursue]. And from prophet unto priest all commit lies. 11And treating the broken daughter of my people with dishonor, saying, Peace peace; and there was not peace. 12They have been shamed, for [2an abomination 1they did]. And with shame they were not ashamed, and to be ashamed they did not know. On account of this they shall fall in the midst of ones falling. In the time of his visit they shall fall, says the  lord. 13And they shall gather of their produce, says the  lord. There is no grape on the grapevines, and there are no figs on the fig-trees, and the leaves have flown down. 14For why do we sit? Come together, and we should enter into the [2cities 1fortified], and we should be disowned there; for God disowned us, and gave us to drink water of bile, for we sinned before him. 15We have gathered together for peace, and there were no good things in the time of healing, but behold, anxiety. 16From out of Dan we shall hear the sound [2swift 3horses 1of his]. From the sound of snorting of the ones riding his horses [4shall be shaken 1all 2the 3land]. And he shall come and devour the land, and the fullness of it -- the city, and the ones dwelling in it. 17For behold, I send out against you serpents putting to death, ones which are not charmed; and they shall bite you; 18incurably with the grief of your heart being perplexed. 19Behold, the sound of the cry of the daughter of my people from a land far off. [2the  lord 3not 1Is] in Zion? or [3king 2no 1is] there? For they provoked me to anger by their idolatrous carvings, and by [2vanities 1strange]. 20[2went 1Summer]; [2passed 1harvest], and we have not been delivered. 21Upon destruction of the daughter of my people I have been enveloped in darkness; in perplexity [2prevailed over 3me 1pangs] as a woman giving birth. 22And [3balm 2no 1is] in Gilead? and [3physician 2no 1Is] there? Why did [2not 3ascend 1a healing] for the daughter of my people?
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