Jeremiah 9


The LORD Leaves His People

1Who will give my head water, and my eyes a spring of tears, that I shall weep for [2my people 1this] day and night, the ones being slain of the daughter of my people? 2Who shall give to me [3of 4the 5wilderness 1a post house 2at the end]? for I shall leave my people, and I shall go forth from them, for they all commit adultery; a convocation of ones annulling covenant. 3And they stretched tight their tongue as a bow; a lie and no trust grows in strength upon the earth. For [2from 3evils 4unto 5evils 1they went], and [2me 3not 1they knew], says the  lord. 4[2each 4of 5his neighbor 1Let 3take guard], and [3upon 4their brethren 1let them not 2rely]! For every brother [2with the heel 1shall stomp], and every friend [2deceitfully 1shall go]. 5Each [2against 3his friend 1shall mock]. [3truth 1In no way 2shall they speak]. [2has learned 1Their tongue] to speak falsely. They wronged, and stopped not to turn back. 6Interest upon interest, treachery upon treachery; they have not wanted to behold me, says the  lord. 7On account of this, Thus says the  lord of the forces, Behold, I shall set them on fire, and try them. What will I act before the face of the wickedness of the daughter of my people? 8[3arrow 2is a piercing 1Their tongue]; [4deceitful 1the 2words 3of their mouth]; [3to 4his neighbor 1one speaks 2peaceably], and in himself he has hatred. 9Shall [3upon 4these 1I not 2visit], says the  lord? or, [5on 7a people 6such 3not 1shall 4take vengeance 2my soul]?

A Lamentation Over Jerusalem

10Concerning the mountains, take up a lamenting! and for the roads of the wilderness, a wailing! For they failed by there not being men. They heard not the sound of the existence of winged creatures of the heaven. And the cattle receded -- they were set out. 11And I will give Jerusalem for displacement, and for a home of dragons. And the cities of Judah [2for 3extinction 1I will appoint], so as to not be dwelt in. 12Who is the [2man 1discerning]? then let him perceive this! And the word of the mouth of the  lord is with him, let him announce to you on account of why [3was destroyed 1the 2land]! It was lit on fire as a wilderness, so as to not travel through it. 13And the  lord said to me, On account of their abandoning my law which I put before their face, and they have not hearkened to my voice; 14but went after the things pleasing their heart -- the evil thing; and after the idols which [2taught 3them to worship 1their fathers]. 15On account of this, thus says the  lord of the forces, the God of Israel, Behold, I will feed them distresses, and I will cause them to drink water of bile. 16And I will disperse them among the nations which [2not 1they knew], nor their fathers. And I will send [3as a successor 4upon 5them 1the 2sword], until they are completely consumed by it. 17Thus says the  lord, Call the wailing women and let them come! And to the wise women send, and let them utter their voice! 18And let them take upon you a lamentation! And let [2lead down 1your eyes] tears! And [2your eyelids 1let] flow water! 19For a voice of lament was heard in Zion, saying, O how we became in misery. We were disgraced very much, for we abandoned the land, and threw away our tents. 20Hear indeed, O women, the word of God! And let [2receive 1your ears] the words of his mouth! And teach your daughters a lamentation! and let every woman teach her neighbor wailing! 21For [2ascended 1death] through your windows; it entered into your land to obliterate infants outside, and young men from the squares. 22And [4will be 1the 2dead 3of men] for an example upon the face of the plain of your land; and as grass after being mowed, and there will not be one gathering. 23Thus says the  lord, Let not [2boast 1the 2wise man] in his wisdom! And let not [3boast 1the 2strong man] in his strength! And let not [3boast 1the 2rich man] in his riches! 24But in this [2let him boast 1boasting]! To perceive and to know me, that I am the  lord, the one having mercy, and judgment, and righteousness upon the earth. For [2is in 3these things 1my will], says the  lord. 25Behold, days come, says the  lord, and I will visit upon all having been circumcised of their uncircumcision; 26upon Egypt, and upon Judah, and upon Edom, and upon the sons of Ammon, and upon the sons of Moab, and upon every one shaving round about his face -- of the ones dwelling in the wilderness. For all the nations are uncircumcised in flesh, and all the house of Israel uncircumcised of their heart.
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