Job 1


Job's Character and Possessions

1[2a certain man 1There was] in the land of Uz, Job was the name to him. And [2was 1that man] true, unblemished, [2man 1a sincere], and upright, and fearing God, at a distance from every wicked thing. 2And there were to him [2sons 1seven] and [2daughters 1three]. 3And [2were 1his animals] -- [2sheep 1seven thousand], [2camels 1three thousand], [2teams 3of oxen 1five hundred], and [4donkeys 3female 2grazing 1five hundred], and for service [2many 1exceedingly], and [3works 2great 1there were] of his upon the land. And [2was 1that man] great of the ones from [2sun 1the east]. 4[3going 1And 2his sons] to one another prepared a banquet, each of his own day, taking along together also [2three 3sisters 1their] to eat and to drink with them. 5And whenever they completed the days of the banquet, Job sent and purified them, rising up in the morning, and offering for them a sacrifice according to their number. [3said 1For 2Job], Lest at any time [2sinned 3and 4raved against 5God 6with 7their heart 1my sons]. Thus then Job did all the days.

The Devil Comes to The LORD

6And it came to pass this day, and behold, [4came 1the 2sons 3of God] to stand before the  lord, and the devil came in the midst of them. 7And [3said 1the 2  lord] to the devil, From what place have you come? And [3answered 1the 2devil] to the  lord, and said, Going around the earth, and walking about the [2under 3heaven 1place at hand]. 8And [3said 4to him 1the 2  lord], Have you been attentive then in your consideration to my attendant Job, that there is none likened to him of the ones upon the earth, [2man 1a blameless], a man sincere and upright and fearing God, at a distance from every wicked thing? 9[4answered 1And 2the 3devil], and said, Before the  lord, does Job freely fear God? 10Have you not enclosed him, and the things inside his household, and the things outside? And all of the things being to him round about -- the works of his hands you blessed, and [2his cattle 3many 1you made] upon the earth. 11But send your hand, and touch all which he has, and assuredly [2in 3your face 1he will rave] against you. 12Then [3said 1the 2  lord] to the devil, Behold, all as much as is his I put into your hand; but he himself you shall not touch. And [3went forth 1the 2devil] from the  lord. 13And it was on this day the sons of Job and his daughters were drinking wine in the house [3brother 1of their 2elder].

Job Loses His Children and Possessions

14And behold, a messenger came to Job, and said to him, The teams of oxen were plowing, and the female donkeys were grazing next to them. 15And Sabeans fell upon and captured them, and the servants they killed by swords. [4escaped 1And 2I 3alone], and I came to report to you. 16Yet speaking this, there came another, and said to Job, Fire from God fell from out of the heaven, and it incinerated the sheep; and the shepherds were devoured up in like manner; and having escaped, I alone came to report to you. 17While speaking this, there came another messenger, and said to Job, The Chaldeans put three companies, and encircled the camels, and captured them; and the servants they killed by swords, [4escaped 1and 2I 3alone], and I came to report to you. 18While this one was speaking, another messenger came, saying to Job, Your sons and your daughters were eating and drinking with [3brother 1their 2elder]. 19Suddenly [2wind 1a great] came upon them from out of the wilderness, and it touched the four corners of their house, and [3fell 1the 2house] upon your children, and they came to an end; [4escaped 1and 2I 3alone], and I came to report to you. 20Thus rising up, Job tore up his garments, and sheared the hair of his head, and falling to the ground he did obeisance. 21And said, I myself [2naked 1came forth] from out of [2belly 1my mother's], and naked I shall go forth there. The  lord gave, the  lord removed, as to the  lord it seemed good, so also it came to pass. May [4be 1the 2name 3of the  lord] blessed. 22In all these things coming to pass against him, in nothing Job sinned before the  lord, and he imputed not folly to God.
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