Job 11


Sophar Claims Job's Afflictions Are Deserved

1And undertaking, Sophar the Minean says, 2The one [2many things 1saying] also shall listen in turn; or does the well-spoken imagine himself to be just? Blessed be the one born of woman short-lived. 3[2not 3many 4in 5words 1Become]; [3no one 1for 2there is] judging you by comparison. 4For do not say that, I am pure in works, and blameless before him. 5But how ever is the  lord to speak to you, and open his lips with you; 6then he shall announce to you the power of wisdom, that it will be double to the things of yours? And then you shall know that what is worthy to you resulted from the  lord whom you have sinned. 7Or [2the trace 3of the  lord 1will you find]? or [2unto 3the 4latter end 1did you arrive] which [3prepared 1the 2almighty]? 8[2is high 1Heaven], and what will you do? And there are deeper things than in Hades, what do you know? 9or longer than the measure of the earth, or the breadth of the sea. 10And if he shall eradicate all things, who will say to him, What did you do? 11For he knows the works of the lawless; and beholding [3the things out of place 1he shall not 2overlook]. 12But man otherwise shall be over-confident with words; but a mortal born of a woman is equal [2donkey 1to a recluse]. 13For if you [3clean 1established 2your heart], and turned up and opened your hands to him; 14if [3lawless thing 2any 1there is] in your hands, [3to be at a distance 1cause 2it]! [3injustice 1and 5in 6your habitation 2let not 4lodge]! 15For thus [3shall illuminate 1your 2face] as if [2water 1pure]; and you shall strip off filth, and in no way shall you be fearful. 16And [2trouble 1you shall forget] as a wave going by; and you shall not be terrified. 17 And your vow will be as the morning star; and from midday [2shall arise 3to you 1life]. 18[3complying 1And 2you shall be], for it is hope to you; and from anxiety and bewilderment [2shall appear 3to you 1peace]. 19For you shall be tranquil, and there will not be one waging war against you; and turning, many will beseech you. 20But deliverance shall leave them, for their hope is destruction; and the eyes of the impious shall melt away.
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