Job 12


Job Reproves His Friends

1And undertaking, Job says, 2So then you are men, then [3with 4you 2comes to an end 1wisdom]? 3[2also to me 3indeed 4a heart 5like 6yours 1There is]. 4For a just man, and blameless, was born for an object for taunts. 5[2at 4time 1For 3an appointed] man had been prepared to fall under others; [3house 1also for 2his] to be pillaged by lawless ones. But let not however any one [3rely on 2wicked 1being] he shall be considered innocent; 6as many as provoke [3to anger 1the 2  lord], as if [2not 4also 5their chastisement 1there will 3be]. 7But indeed ask the four-footed beasts! if they should speak to you, or birds of the heaven, if they were able to report to you. 8[2let 4tell in detail 1And 3the earth]! if it should expound to you; and [5shall describe 6to you 1the 2fishes 3of the 4sea]. 9Who knew not among all these, that the hand of the  lord made these? 10Except in his hand is the life of all the living, and the breath of every man. 11[2the ear 3indeed 1For 5words 4scrutinizes], and the throat [2grains 1tastes]. 12In a long time is wisdom; and in a long existence is higher knowledge. 13By him is wisdom and power; with him counsel and understanding. 14If he should throw down, who shall build up? If he locks against man, who opens? 15If he should restrain the water, he shall dry the earth; and if he should let it loose, he destroys it by eradication. 16By him is might and strength; in him is higher knowledge and understanding, 17leading counselors as captives; and judges of the earth he amazes; 18sitting kings upon thrones, and ties a belt on their loins; 19sending priests as captives; and the mighty ones of the earth he eradicates; 20reconciling the lips of the trustworthy; [2the understanding 1and] of the elders he knew; 21pouring out dishonor upon rulers, but the humble he healed; 22uncovering the deeps from out of darkness, and he leads [3into 4light 1the shadow 2of death]; 23wandering nations, and destroying them; prostrating nations, and directing them; 24reconciling the hearts of the rulers of the earth, but wandering them in the way which they do not know. 25May they handle darkness, and not light; may they be wandering as if one being intoxicated.
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