Job 13


Job's Reproof

Behold, [4these things 3has seen 1my 2eye], and [2has heard 1my ear]. And I know as much as even you know; and [2not 3more senseless 1I am] than you. But nevertheless, I [2to 3the  lord 1will speak]; and I will reprove before him, if he should be willing. But you are [2physicians 1unjust], and [3healers 2bad 1are all]. But it may be good for you to be silent, and it shall turn out to you for wisdom. Hear the reproof of my mouth; [3the judgment 1and 4of my lips 2heed]! Is it not against the  lord you speak, and before him you utter a sound of deceit? Or will you keep back? But you yourselves [2judges 1become]! Is it good if he should track you; for as if [2all things 1the ones doing] shall you be added to him; 10 in not one thing less shall he reprove you; but if also [2secretly 4at persons 1you shall 3wonder]. 11 Is it not in his awfulness that he shall whirl you, and fear of him shall fall upon you? 12 [4shall turn out 1But 2your 3prancing] equal to ashes, and the body to clay. 13 Be silent, that I shall speak, and rest my rage! 14 Taking my flesh in my teeth, [4life 1even 3my 2I shall put] in my hand. 15 Though [4me 3should lay hands against 1the 2mighty one], since even he begins, in fact I shall speak and reprove before him. 16 And this [4to me 1shall result 2in 3deliverance]; [4not 1for 6before 7him 2treachery 3shall 5enter]. 17 Hear, hear my words! for I will announce in your hearing. 18 Behold, I am near my judgment; I know that [2just 1I shall appear]. 19 For who is the one passing judgment to me, that now I shall be silent and shall cease? 20 But two things you shall furnish to me, then from your presence I will not hide. 21 Let your hand [2from 3me 1be at a distance]! and [3in the 4fear 5of you 1let me not 2be struck with terror]! 22 Then you shall call, and I will hearken to you; or you shall speak, and I will give you an answer. 23 How many are my sins, and my lawless deeds? Teach me what they are! 24 Why [2from 3me 1do you hide]; and esteem me contrary to you? 25 Or as a leaf moving by the wind, will you be cautious of me? or as grass borne by the wind, will you be adverse to me? 26 For you wrote down against me bad things, and you invested to me youthful sin. 27 And you put my foot under restraint; and you watched all my works; and into the roots of my feet you attained. 28 I am the one turning old equal to a leather bag, or as [2garment 1a moth-eaten].
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