Job 15


Job Held Liable for His Words

1And undertaking, Eliphaz the Temanite says, 2Is it that a wise man [2an answer 1will give] of an understanding spirit, and filled up the misery of the womb, 3reproving in sayings [3in which 4must not be spoken 1with 2words], in which no one benefits? 4And did you not undo fear, and complete [2sayings 1such] before the  lord? 5You are liable by the sayings of your mouth, of which you litigated sayings of mighty ones. 6May [3reprove 4you 1your 2mouth], and not I. And your lips, may they bear witness against you. 7For what, are you the first man born? or [2before 3the hills 1were you banked up]? 8[2the arranged order 3of the  lord 1have you heard]? and unto you [2arrived 1wisdom]? 9For what do you know, which we do not know? or what do you perceive, which [2do not 3also 1we]? 10And indeed an elder, and indeed an old one is among us, more weighty than your father, in days. 11[2but little 3for 4your sins 1You have been whipped], but greatly above measure have you spoken. 12What did [2dare 1your heart]? or what have [2added to see 1your eyes], 13that your rage tore before the  lord, and [3led forth 4from out of 5your mouth 2sayings 1such]? 14For who, being a mortal, still will be blameless? or [3as 4being 5just 1who is born 2of a woman]? 15forasmuch as [2the holy ones 1he trusts not], and the heaven is not pure before him. 16Alas then, [2is abhorrent 3and 4unclean 1man], drinking iniquity equal to a beverage. 17But I will report to you, hear me! What indeed I have seen, I will report to you -- 18what the wise men shall say, and what was not hidden from their fathers. 19To them alone [3was given 1the 2earth], and no [2came 1foreigner] upon them. 20All the existence of the impious is spent in bewilderment; and the years [3are counted 1being given 2to the mighty one], 21 and his fear is in his ears. Whenever the impious should seem already at peace, [3shall come 1his 2undoing]. 22Let him not trust to return from darkness, for he has been given charge already unto the hands of iron. 23And he has been delegated for the grain of vultures, and he knows in himself that he waits for being a corpse; [3day 1and 2a dark] shall whirl him away. 24And distress and affliction shall hold him down. [2is as 3a commandant 4of the front rank 1His falling down]. 25For he has lifted hands against the  lord, and before the almighty he stiffened his neck. 26And he ran against his insolence with the thickness of the back of his shield. 27For he covered his face with his fat, and made a cleft upon the thighs. 28And may he be lodged [2cities 1in desolate], and enter [2houses 1uninhabited]; and what these prepared, others shall carry away. 29Nor shall he be enriched, nor shall [3remain 1his 2possessions]; in no way shall he cast [2upon 3the earth 1a shadow]. 30Neither shall he flee from the darkness; [4his bud 1may 3wither 2wind], [2may 5fall off 1and 3his 4flower]. 31Let him not trust that he will remain behind, for emptiness shall result to him. 32 His pruning [2before 3its season 1shall be corrupted], and his tender branch in no way shall become dense. 33And may he be gathered as an unripe grape before its season; and may he fall off as the flower of the olive. 34[3is the testimony 1For 4of an impious man 2death], and fire shall burn the houses of the ones taking bribes. 35[4in 5the womb 1And 2he shall conceive 3griefs], and there shall result unto him emptiness, and his belly shall endure deceit.
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