Job 16


Job's Friends Are Bad Comforters

1And undertaking, Job says, 2I have heard [2such things 1many]. [3comforters 2bad 1You are all]. 3For what, [2order 1is there] in words of wind? or what shall it trouble you that you answer? 4I also [2as 3you 1could speak] if [3laid 1indeed 2your life] instead of my life. So then I shall assail against you with words, and I will shake [2as 3you 1my head]. 5And may that there be strength in my mouth, [4the movement 1then 5of my lips 2I would not 3spare]. 6For if I shall speak [2shall not 3ache 1my wound]; and if also I keep silent, how less will I be pierced? 7But now, [2me exhausted 1he has made], [2moron 1a festering], and it took hold of me. 8For [2a testimony 1I became], and [2rose up 3in 4me 1my lie]; according to my face it was answered. 9In anger the one dealing with me cast me down; he gnashed against me with his teeth; the arrows of his marauders [2upon 3me 1have fallen]; 10[3points 4of his eyes 1he assailed me 2with the sharp]; he smote me onto my knees; and with one accord they ran upon me. 11[4delivered 1For 5me 2the 3  lord] into the hands of the unjust, and unto the impious he tossed me. 12Making peace he effaced me; taking me by the hair of the head he plucked it out; he placed me as if an exemplar. 13They encircled me with lances, casting into my kidney, not sparing; they poured out [2onto 3the 4earth 1my bile]. 14They threw me down, downfall upon downfall; they ran against me prevailing; 15[2sackcloth 1they sewed] upon my hide; and my strength [2in 3the ground 1was extinguished]. 16 My belly burns from weeping, and upon my eyelids a shadow of death. 17[4unjust thing 1And 3not one 2there was] in my hands, [3vow 1and 2my] is pure. 18O earth, you should not cover over the blood of my flesh, nor may there be a place for my cry. 19And now behold, [2is in 3the heavens 1my witness], and my joint witness is in the highest. 20May [3arrive 1my 2supplication] unto the  lord, and before him may [3drip tears 1my 2eye]. 21And may it be reproof to man before the  lord, and to a son of man to his neighbor. 22[3years 1But 2counted] have come; and in the way in which I shall not be returned -- I shall go.
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