Job 18


Baldad's Discourse on the Impious

1And undertaking, Baldad the Shuhite says, 2Until when will you cease? Wait! that also [2to these things 1we should speak]. 3Why as if four-footed beasts do we keep silent before you? 4[2has dealt with 3you 1Anger]. For what if you should die, will it be uninhabited under heaven? or shall [2be eradicated 1mountains] from their foundations? 5But the light of the impious shall be extinguished, and [3shall not turn out to be 1their 2flame]; 6 his light will be darkness in his habitation, and the lamp over him shall be extinguished. 7May [2hunt 1the least of men] his possessions; [2may 5trip him 1and 3his 4counsel]. 8[2may 4be put 1And 3his foot] in a snare; [2in 3a net 1may he be coiled]; 9and may there come upon him snares; [2shall grow strong 3against 4him 1ones thirsting]. 10[2is hidden 3in 4the 5earth 1His line], and the thing seizing him is upon the roads. 11[5round about 1May 3destroy 4him 2griefs], [3many things 1and 5around 6his foot 2may 4come]. 12[2in 3hunger 5severe 6downfall 1But 8for him 7is prepared 4an extraordinary]. 13And may [3be devoured 1the soles of his 2feet], [3shall devour 1and 4his 5beautiful things 2death]. 14[2may 4be torn 1And 5from 6his habitation 3healing]; and may he have himself distress by reason of a royal decree. 15It shall encamp in his tent in his night; [2shall be scattered 1his beautiful things] with sulphur. 16[3from beneath 1His roots 2shall be dried], and on top [2shall fall 1his harvest]. 17 [2his memorial 1May] be destroyed from the earth, and what exists to his name upon the face outer. 18May one thrust him from light unto darkness; and from the inhabitable world they displaced him. 19He will not be well known among his people, nor [2be preserved 3in 4the place 5under 6heaven 1will his house]. 20But in his house [2shall live 1others]; [3for 4him 2moaned 1the last], and the first had wonder. 21These are the houses of the unjust, and this is the place of the ones not knowing the  lord.
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