Job 19


Job Questions The LORD

1And undertaking, Job says, 2For how long [3weary 1will you make 2my soul], and demolish me with words? Know only! that the  lord did thus with me. 3You speak ill of me; not being ashamed by me, you press upon me. 4Yes indeed, in truth I was misled, [4in 5me 1and 3lodges 2delusion], to speak a word which must not be said; but my words mislead, and are not in time. 5But alas, for [2against 3me 1you magnify yourselves], and you assail me in scorn. 6Know then! that the  lord is the one disturbing; [3fortress 1and 2his 5against 6me 4he raised up high]. 7Behold, I laugh at scorn, and I shall not speak; I shall have cried out, and not at all is there judgment. 8[2round about 1I have been enclosed], and in no way shall I pass over; [3upon 4my face 2darkness 1he put]. 9And the glory of mine [2from 3me 1he took off], and removed the crown from my head. 10He pulled me apart round about, and I am set out; and he cut down [2as if 3a tree 1my hope]. 11[4awfully 1And 3me 5in anger 2he treated], and he led me as if an enemy. 12And with one accord [2came 1his marauders] against me; in my ways [2encircled 3me 1ones lying in wait]. 13[4me 2brothers 1My 3left]; they know strangers rather than me; [3friends 1and 2my 5unmerciful 4have become]. 14[5not to know 4pretend 6me 1The ones 2near 3me], and the ones knowing my name forgot me. 15As for the neighbors of the house, [3female attendants 1and also 2my], I was foreign before them. 16[2attendant 1I called my], and he obeyed not; [3mouth 1and 2my] beseeched him. 17And I entreated my wife; and I called -- flattering the sons of my concubines. 18But they [2into 3the 4eon 1undid me]; whenever I rise up, [2against 3me 1they speak]. 19[4abhorred 5me 1The ones 2knowing 3me]; whom indeed I had loved, rose up against me. 20[3in 4my skin 2festers 1My flesh]; and the things of my bones [2in 3teeth 1are held]. 21Show mercy on me, show mercy on me, O friends! [3the hand 1for 4of the  lord 5touching 6me 2it is]. 22And why do you pursue me as also the  lord, [4with 1and 5my flesh 2you are not 3filled up]? 23For what that [2might be given 3to be written 1my words], and to put them in a scroll for the eon; 24written with a stylus of iron and on lead, or [2on 3a rock 1being engraved]. 25For I know that [6everlasting 5is 1the one 3to enfeeble 4me 2being about] upon the earth, 26to raise up my skin being fatigued by these things. For by the  lord these things was exhausted on me, 27which I myself am conscious of, which my eye has seen, and not another; but all [2on me 1has been exhausted] in my bosom. 28But if even you shall say, What shall we say before him, and [2the root 3of the matter 1so find] in him? 29Venerate even to yourselves from a covering! For rage [2upon 3the lawless ones 1shall come], and then they shall know where [3is 1their 2material].
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