Job 20


Sophar Addresses the Lawbreakers

1And undertaking, Sophar the Minean says, 2Not so far have I undertook to contradict you in these things, and neither do you perceive more than I. 3[2instruction 3for making me ashamed 1I will hearken to]; and the spirit of understanding answers me. 4Have [2these things 1you known] from the yet of which time [2was put 1man] upon the earth? 5For the gladness of the impious [2downfall 1is an extraordinary]; and a cause for joy of the lawbreakers is destruction. 6If [3should ascend 4into 5heaven 1his 2gifts], and his sacrifice [2the clouds 1should touch]; 7for whenever he should seem already firmly fixed, then [2unto 3the end 1he shall perish]; and the ones knowing him shall say, Where is he? 8As if a dream spreading forth, in no way shall he be found; so he flys as if [2manifestation 1a nightly]. 9The eye overlooked, and does not proceed, and [2no longer 3pays attention to 4him 1his place]. 10 [4his sons 1May 3destroy 2his inferiors], and may his hands light the fire of griefs. 11His bones were filled with the vigor of his youth, and [2with 3him 4upon 5the embankment 1it shall go to bed]. 12Though [2should be sweet 3in 4his mouth 1evil], he shall hide it under his tongue, 13and he shall not spare it, and will not abandon it, but brings it in the midst of his throat. 14Yet in no way shall he be able to help himself; the bile of an asp is in his belly. 15His riches unjustly brought together shall be vomited forth. From out of his house [2shall drag him away 1an angel]. 16[3the rage 1And 4of dragons 2may he nurse]; [2may 5do away with 1and 6him 3the tongue 4of a serpent]. 17May he not behold the milking of grazing animals, nor the pastures of honey and butter. 18For [3in emptiness 4and 5vanity 1he tired 2for riches], of which he shall not taste; it is as if tough, unchewable, and impotable. 19[4of many 1For 5of the disabled 3the houses 2he crushed]; and a habitation he seized by force, and he established it not. 20[3is not 1His 2safety] in the possessions; by his desire he will not escape. 21There is no leftover of his foods; on account of this [3shall not 4bloom 1his 2good things]. 22And whenever it should seem urgent to accomplish something, he shall be afflicted; and all distress [2upon 3him 1shall come]. 23If by any means he might fill his belly, let God send as a successor upon him the rage of anger; may [2wash 3over 4him 1griefs]. 24And in no way shall he be delivered from the hand of iron; may [3pierce 4him 1the bow 2of brass]; 25[2may 4go completely 1and 5through 6his body 3the arrow]; [3the stars 1and 5on 6his habitation 2may 4walk]; [2upon 3him 1may fears be]. 26[3all 1And 4darkness 6for him 2may 5wait]; [3shall devour 4him 2fire 1inextinguishable]; [2may 4inflict evil on 1and 5his 3a stranger] house. 27[2may 5uncover 1And 6his 3the 4heaven] lawless deeds; and the earth rise up against him. 28May [2draw 3his house 1destruction] unto the end; [2the day 3of anger 1may] come upon him. 29This is the portion [2man 1of an impious] from the  lord, and the possession of his substance given to him by the overseer.
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