Job 21


Job Recounts How the Wicked Prosper

1And undertaking, Job says, 2Hear, hear my words! that there should be to me [3from 4you 1this 2comfort]. 3Lift me! and I will speak, then you shall not ridicule me. 4For what, is [3from man 1my 2rebuke]? or why shall I not be enraged? 5O ones looking at me, wonder [2your hand 1while putting] upon your jaw. 6For even if I should remember, I hurry, [3hold 1and 4the things of my 5flesh 2griefs]. 7Why do the impious live, and they grow old, and in riches? 8 Their sowing is according to their soul's desire; and their children in eyes. 9 Their houses prosper, and fear is not to them at all; and the whip of the  lord is not upon them. 10 Their ox does not bring forth prematurely, [5are preserved 1and 2their 4ones 3pregnant] to have, and not to trip. 11And they remain as [2sheep 1everlasting], and their children play before them, 12taking up the psaltery and harp, and they are gladdened at the sound of a psalm. 13And they complete [2with 3good things 1their existence], and in the rest of Hades they go to sleep. 14And he says to the  lord, Separate from me! [4your ways 3to know 1I do not 2want]. 15What is fit that we shall serve him? and what benefit, that we shall meet with him? 16[2in 3hands 1For 6were not 7to him 4the 5good things]; but works of the impious he does not inspect. 17But in fact, even [2of the impious 1the lamp] shall be extinguished, and there shall come upon them the final event, and pangs from them they shall have from anger. 18And they will be as straw before the wind, or as a cloud of dust which [2took up 1the tempest]. 19May [2fail 3his sons 1his possessions]; and God shall recompense to him, and he shall know it. 20May [2behold 1his eyes] his own slaughter; and by the  lord may he not be delivered. 21For his will is in his house with him, and the numbers of his months were divided. 22Is it not the  lord who is the one teaching understanding and higher knowledge? And is it not he who [2the wise 1litigates]. 23This one shall die in the might of his singleness of purpose, but entirely enjoying pleasure and prospering; 24 and his insides are full of fat, [3marrow 1and 2his] is diffused in him. 25 And another one comes to an end in bitterness of soul, not eating anything good. 26But in one accord upon the earth they sleep, and rottenness covers them. 27So as I know you, that you daringly press upon me; 28that you shall say, Where is the house of the ruler? and where is the protection of the tents of the impious? 29Ask the ones passing by the way, and [2their signs 1you shall not separate from]. 30For unto the day of destruction [3lightens 1the 2wicked one]; for the day of his anger he shall be taken away. 31Who will report unto his face his way? And what he did, who shall recompense to him? 32And he [2unto 3the tombs 1was carried away]; and [2upon 3the heaps 1stayed awake]. 33[3was sweet 4to him 1The gravel 2of the rushing stream], and after him every man shall go forth, and in front of him there are innumerable ones. 34And how do you comfort me in vain? but for me to rest from you is nothing.
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