Job 22


Eliphaz Accuses Job of Injustice

1And undertaking, Eliphaz the Temanite says, 2Is it not the  lord that is the one teaching understanding and higher knowledge? 3For what does it concern the  lord if you were [2in works 1blameless], or what benefit that you simplify your way? 4or [2your word 1making] will he reprove you? and will he enter together with you for judgment? 5Is it not that your evil is much, [5innumerable 1and 2your 4are 3sins]? 6And you took security of your brethren without cause, [3clothing 1and 4of the naked 2you removed]. 7Nor [2water 4for the thirsting 1did you give 3to drink], and [3of ones hungering 1you deprived 2a morsel]. 8And you admired the faces of some; you resettled the poor upon the earth; 9[3widows 1and 2you sent out] empty, [3on orphans 1and 2you inflicted evil]. 10Accordingly [2encircled 3you 1snares], and [3hurried 4you 2war 1an extraordinary]. 11The light [3for you 2darkness 1resulted in]; and in going to sleep water covered you. 12Is it not that the one [2the 3high places 1inhabiting] inspects? [3the ones 1and 5insolence 4bearing 2he humbled]? 13And you said, What does [3know 1the 2mighty one]? or [2in 3the 4dark 1does he judge]? 14A cloud is his concealment, and he shall not be seen; and the curve of heaven he travels over. 15[2not 5road 4the eternal 1Will you 3guard] which [3trod 2men 1unjust]? 16The ones who were seized untimely are as a river overflowing their foundations. 17The ones saying, The  lord, what will he do to us? or what will [3bring upon 4us 1the 2almighty]? 18And he is the one who filled up their houses with good things; but the counsel of the impious is at a distance from him. 19In beholding, the just laugh; and the blameless one sneers at them. 20Except [2vanished 1their support], and [3their vestige 2shall devour 1fire]. 21Become firm indeed! if you should remain, so that your fruit will be for good things. 22And take [2from out of 3his mouth 1an utterance]! and take up his sayings in your heart! 23And if you should turn and humble yourself before the  lord, [3to be a distance 1then you made 4from 5your habitation 2wrongdoing]. 24You shall put upon an embankment in rock, even as a rock of a rushing stream of Ophir. 25[4will be 1Then 5your 2the 3almighty] helper from the enemies, [4clean 1and 2he will render 3you] as [2silver 1purified]. 26So then, you shall speak openly before the  lord, looking up into the heaven happily. 27[3vowing 1And 2of your] to him, he will listen to you; and he will give to you power to render the vows. 28And he will restore to you a habitation of righteousness, and upon your ways will be brightness. 29For one humbled himself; and you shall say, He is prideful, but the one having downcast eyes, he shall deliver. 30He shall rescue the innocent; but be delivered in [2cleanness 3of hands 1your]!
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