Job 23


Job's Justification

1And undertaking Job says, 2For indeed I know that [3out of 4my hand 1my rebuke 2is]; and his hand [2heavy 1has become] over my moaning. 3But who is it that may know that I might find him, and that I might come to the end of the matter? 4And I might speak [2for myself 1judgment], and with my mouth I shall fill up reproofs. 5And then I may know the cure which he shall speak to me, and then I may perceive what he shall report to me. 6And if in much strength he shall come upon me, so then [4with 5intimidation 3me 1he shall not 2treat]. 7For truth and reproof are from him; and may he bring [2unto 3my end 1equity]. 8For at first I shall go, and no longer am I; and the things of the latter end, what do I know? 9[2with the left h and 1In his acting], I cannot hold back; he covers the right hand, and I shall not see it. 10For he knows [2already 1my way]; he examined me as the gold. 11And I shall go forth in his precepts, [3ways 1for 2his] I kept; and in no way shall I turn aside from his precepts; 12and in no way shall I pass by them; and in my bosom I hid his sayings. 13But if even he judged thus, who is the one contradicting him; for he wanted and did. 14On account of this, [2unto 3him 1I have hastened]; and being admonished, I thought of him. 15Over this [2his face 1I should take] seriously; I shall contemplate and shall be terrified of him. 16But the  lord softened my heart, and the almighty hastened me. 17[3not 1For 2I knew] that [2shall come upon 3me 1darkness]; [4before 6face 1and 5my 3covered 2dimness].
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