Job 24


Job Questions the Actions of the Impious

1And why did [4by the  lord 2not 3escape notice 1the seasons]? 2And the impious [2the border 1passed over], [2a flock 3with 4shepherd 1seizing]. 3[2a beast of burden 1And] of orphans they took away, and oxen of widows for security. 4They turned aside the disabled from [2way 1the just]; with one accord [3was hidden 1the gentle 2of the earth]. 5And they resulted as if donkeys in the field [2for 3me 1going forth] on their own action; [5is delicious 1their 2bread 3for 4the young]. 6[2a field 5before 6its season 3not 4being their own 1They harvested]; and the disabled [2the vineyards 3of the impious 4without pay 5and 6without eating 1worked]. 7[3naked 2many 1They rested] without clothes; [3clothing 1and 4necessary for their life 2they removed]. 8From the mists of the mountains they are wetted; from [2not holding 3to them 1protection] [2with rock 1they covered themselves]. 9They seized the orphan from the breast, [3the one falling off 1and 2they humbled]. 10And of naked ones they rested wrongfully, and of ones hungering [2the 3morsel 1they removed]. 11In narrows they wrongly lie in wait; and the way of the just they knew not. 12The ones from the city and [2houses 1the ones of their own] they cast out; and the soul of the infants moaned greatly. 13[3did he 1But 2why 5these 4in overseeing] not act [2upon 3the earth 1in their being]? and they did not recognize, and the way of righteousness they knew not, nor [2by their short-cuts 1were gone]. 14But knowing their works he delivered them unto darkness; and night will be as a thief. 15And the eye of the adulterer watched for the darkness, saying, [2will not 3think of me beforehand 1The eye]; and [2a concealment 3for his face 1he put]. 16[3he dug through 1In 2darkness] houses; by day they seal up themselves. they do not know the light. 17For with one accord to them in the morning is the shadow of death; for each shall realize the disturbances of the shadow of death. 18He is light upon the face of the water; may [2be cursed 1their portion] upon the earth; [2may 4appear 1and 3their plants 196upon 7the earth 5dry]; for armfuls of orphans they seized by force. 20So then [3is called to mind 1his 2sin], and as fog of dew [2vanishes 1he]; and may it be recompensed to him what he acted; [2may 5be destroyed 1and 3every 4unjust one] equally [2wood 1as incurable rotten]. 21For the sterile woman [2not 4well 1he did 3do], and on the helpless woman he did not show mercy. 22And in rage he overturned the disabled; [2in rising up 1accordingly], in no way shall he trust in his own life. 23In being infirm, let him not hope to be healed! but he shall fall in disease. 24[4many 1For 3afflicted 2his arrogance]; but he withered as a mallow plant in sweltering heat, and as an ear of corn [2from 3the stubble 4by itself 1falling off]. 25But if not, who is the one saying [3falsely 1for me 2to speak], and he renders [2as 3nothing 1my words]?
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