Job 27


Job Claims Innocence

1And still Job proceeded and said in the retort. 2[2lives 1God] who thus has judged me, even the almighty, the one embittering my soul; 3is it not yet of my breath to be in me, [3breath 1and 2the divine] remains to me in my nostrils? 4[2shall not 3speak 1My lips] lawless things, nor [2my soul 1shall] meditate upon wrongdoing. 5May it not be to me [3as just ones 2you 1to sentence]. Until whenever I die [3not 1for 2I will] dismiss from me my innocence, 6[3to my righteousness 1and 2taking heed] in no way will I let it go; [3not 1for 2I am 5fully conscious 4myself] [2out of place 1of acting]. 7No rather, but may [2be 1my enemies] as the undoing of the impious, and the ones [2against 3me 1rising up] as the destruction of the lawbreakers. 8 For what is the hope of the impious that he waits for? [2in yielding 3upon 4the  lord 1Is it] that he shall be delivered? 9or [4his supplication 1will 3listen to 2God]? or when [2comes upon 3him 1necessity], 10shall he hold any confidence before him? or as one calling upon him, shall he listen to him? 11But indeed, I will announce to you what is in the hand of the  lord; the things which are by the almighty I shall not lie about. 12Behold, you all know that [2vanity 3upon vanity 1you put]. 13This is the portion [2man 1of an impious] from the  lord, and the possession of mighty ones shall come from the almighty upon them. 14And if [3many 2become 1his sons], [2for 3slaughter 1they will be]; and if even they should arrive at manhood they shall beg. 15And the ones remaining of his [2in plague 1shall come to an end]; [5widows 1and 4on their 2no one 3shall show mercy]. 16If he should have gathered together [2as 3earth 1silver], and equally [3as mortar 1shall prepare 2gold], 17all these things the just shall procure, and of his things the true ones will control. 18[3turned out to be 1And 2his house] as if for a moth, and as if for a spider. 19The rich man shall sleep, and shall not proceed; his eyes are opened wide, and he is no longer. 20[2meet up with 3him 4as if 5water 1Griefs]; and by night [2takes 3him 1the dark]. 21[2takes 3him 1A burning wind], and he shall go forth; and it shall winnow him from out of his place. 22And he shall cast upon him, and shall not spare; [3from out of 4his hand 2exile 1he shall flee into]. 23He shall cause man to clap [2against 3him 1his hands], and he shall whistle at him from out of his place.
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