Job 28


Job Examines Wisdom and Knowledge

For there is [2for silver 1a place] from where it exists, and a place for gold from where it is refined. [2iron 1For 4from out of 5the earth 3comes], and brass equally [2like stone 1is quarried]. [2an order 1He established] for darkness, and every limit he determines exactly; [5is as a stone 1darkness 2and 3the shadow 4of death]. There is a breach of the rushing stream from powder; and the ones forgetting [2way 1the just] are weakened; of mortals -- they are shaken. As for the earth, out of it shall come forth bread; underneath it, it was turned as fire. [2are the place 3of the sapphire 1Her stones]; and [2an embankment 1her gold]. There is a road [4not 2knows 3it 1the bird]; and [3looked not over 4it 1the eye 2of the vulture], [5not 3trod 4it 1the sons 2of ostentatious ones]; [3not 2went 4upon 5it 1a lion]. [3in 4a chiseled place 1He stretched forth 2his hand], and overturned [2by 3the roots 1mountains]; 10 and the hill of rivers he tore up; [5every 1and 6valuable thing 4beheld 2my 3eye]. 11 And the depths of the rivers he uncovered, and he shows his power in light. 12  But [2is wisdom 1from what place] found? and of what place is higher knowledge? 13 [2knows not 1A mortal] her way, in no way is she found among men. 14 The abyss said, She is not in me; and the sea said, She is not with me. 15 One shall not give an investment for her, and shall not set silver as a bargain for her. 16 And she shall not be compared with the gold of Ophir, with [2onyx 1valuable] and sapphire. 17 [4shall not 5be equal 6to her 1Gold 2and 3glass], nor [3as barter 4for her 1items 2of gold]. 18 Meteorites and crystal shall not be mentioned; but draw on wisdom above the innermost things. 19 [3shall not 4be equal 5to her 1The topaz 2of Ethiopia]; [4gold 3pure 1she shall not 2be compared with]. 20 But concerning wisdom, from what place shall she be found? and of what kind of place is understanding? 21 She has escaped notice of every man; and from the birds of the heaven she was hid. 22  Destruction and death said, We have heard of her fame. 23 God [4well 1commended 2her 3way]; and he knows her place. 24 For he [2under 3heaven 1inspects all things], knowing the things in the earth; 25 all which he made, [2of the winds 1even the weight], [2of water 1and the measures]. 26 When he made them, thus seeing he counted them, and made a way for the vibration of sound. 27 Then he beheld it, he described it; preparing he tracked it out. 28 And he said to man, Behold, godliness is wisdom; and being at a distance from evils is higher knowledge.
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