Job 29


The Righteous State

1But still Job proceeding spoke the retort. 2O that he might have put me according to the month before the days of which [3me 1God 2guarded]; 3as when [2shone 1his lamp] over my head; when [4by his light 1I went 2through 3darkness]; 4when I was in the days of my youth; when God overseeing dealt with my house; 5when I was [2flush 1exceedingly], and round about me were my children; 6when [2poured forth 1my ways] butter, and my mountains poured forth milk; 7when I went forth at daybreak into the city, [5in 1and 6the squares 2they placed 3my 4chair]. 8In beholding me, the young men hid, [3the old men 1and 2all] stood. 9And the stout men ceased speaking, [2their finger 1placing] to their mouth. 10And the ones hearing declared me blessed; and their tongue [2to 3their throat 1cleaved]. 11For the ear heard, and blessed me; and the eye beholding me, turned aside. 12For I delivered the poor from out of the hand of the mighty one; and the orphan in whom there was no helper, I helped. 13[2the blessing 3of the one perishing 5upon 6me 1May 4come]; for the mouth of the widow blessed me. 14And righteousness I had put on, and I clothed on judgment equal to a double garment. 15I was the eye of the blind, and the foot for the lame. 16I was the father of the disabled; [3the cause 1and 4which 5I knew not 2I tracked out]. 17And I broke the molars of unjust ones; and from out of the midst of their teeth [2the prey 1I pulled out]. 18And I said, My stature shall grow old as the trunk of a palm; [2with much 3time 1I shall spend life]. 19The root was widened upon the water, and the dew lodged among my harvest. 20 My glory was new with me, and my bow [2in 3his hand 1went forth]. 21Men hearing of me took heed, and kept silent over my counsel. 22At my word they proceeded not; [3overjoyed 1but 2they became] when I spoke to them. 23As the earth thirsting, favorably receiving the rain, so were these at my speech. 24If I should have laughed on them, in no way should they have trusted the thing; and the light of my face was not fallen away. 25I chose their way, and I sat as ruler; and I encamped as king among armed ones, in which manner [2mourners 1comforting].
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