Job 3


Job Curses the Day of His Birth

And after this Job opened his mouth and cursed his day, saying, May [6be destroyed 1the 2day 3in 4which 5I was born], and the night in which they said, Behold, a male. [2that night 1May 3be] darkness, and [4not 1may 5search 7out 6it 2the 3  lord] from above, nor may [2come 3into 4it 1brightness]. [2may 7take 1But 8it 3darkness 4and 5the shadow 6of death]. May [2come 3upon 4it 1dimness]. And may [3be disturbed 2day 1that], and that night. May [2have carried 4away 3it 1darkness]. May it not be for the days of the year, nor may it be counted for the days of the months. But [2that night 1may] be grief, and may [2not 3come 4upon 5it 1gladness], nor a cause for joy. But may [5curse 6it 1the 2one cursing 4day 3that], the ones being about to awaken Leviathan. May [4be enveloped in darkness 1the 2stars 3of that night], and not remain, and [3for 4illumination 1not 2come]. And may [3not 4be seen 2morning star 1the arising]. 10 For it did not close up the gates [2womb 1of my mother's], [3dismissed 1for 2it would have] misery from my eyes. 11 For why in the belly did I not come to an end? [3from 4the womb 1But instead 2I came forth], and was not straightway destroyed? 12 And why did [3meet 4me 1the 2knees]? And why did [2on the breasts 1I nurse]. 13 Now going to bed I should be stilled; and having slept rested; 14 with the kings, the counselors of the earth, who prance with swords; 15 or with rulers, whose [2was abundant 1gold], who filled their houses with silver. 16 Or as if a miscarriage going forth from out of [2womb 1a mother's], or as infants who beheld not light. 17 There the impious ceased the rage of anger; there [3are rested 1the exhausted 2in body]. 18 But with one accord the ones being bound do not hear the voice of the tribute-gatherer. 19 Small and great are there, even the attendant being in awe of his master. 20 For why has [2been given 3to the ones 4in 5bitterness 1light], and life to the [2in 3griefs 1souls]? 21 the ones who long for death, and do not attain; rooting it up as if for treasures; 22 [3overjoyed 1and 2they become] if they should attain it. Death to a man is rest. 23 [4not 1The 2way 3was] concealed, [3hemmed in 1for 2God] against him. 24 [5before 1For 6my grain 2moaning 3comes 4to me], and shall be poured as waters roaring. 25 For the fear which I thought about, came to me; and which I had in awe, met with me. 26 Neither was I at peace, nor still, nor I rested; [3came 1but 4to me 2wrath].
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