Job 30


Job Is Treated with Contempt

1And now [2ridicule 3me 1the least of them]; now they admonish me in turn -- whom I treated [2with contempt 1their fathers], whom I did not esteem to be worthy of dogs of my grazing flocks. 2And indeed, [2is the strength 3of their hands 1what profit] to me? [2of 3them 1It was destroyed] to completion. 3In lack and hunger one is barren, as the ones fleeing waterless yesterday in conflict and misery. 4The ones breaking off the marine plant upon the sounding shore, whose marine plants were for their grain; and were without honor, and being treated as worthless, lacking of every good thing; and the roots of trees gnawed because of [2hunger 1great]. 5[2rose up against 3me 1Thieves], 6whom their houses were burrows of rocks. 7[7in the midst 9of distinct places 6shall yell 1the ones who 3under 5stick dwellings 4wild 2pass life]. 8[2of fools 1They are sons] and [2without honor 1have a name], and fame extinguished from the earth. 9And now [4harp 1I 2am 3their], and [2me 3for a common topic 1they have]. 10And they abhorred me, separating far from me; and from my face they spared not spittle. 11For having opened his quiver he afflicted me; and [2the bridle 3of my presence 1sent away]. 12[2on 3the right hand 4of their offspring 1They rose up against me]. [2his feet 1He stretched out] and opened against me; with paths of their destruction 13they obliterated my paths; for he took off my apparel; with his spear he ran me through; 14and he has judged me as he wills; in griefs I am befouled. 15[3return 1My 2griefs]; [3was set out 1my 2hope] as if the wind, and [3as if 4a cloud 2deliverance 1my]. 16And now [3upon 4me 2shall be poured out 1my soul]; [4suffice 1and 5me 2days 3of griefs]. 17And at night my bones burn, and my nerves are parted. 18With great strength it took hold of my robe; as the cleft of my garment it compassed me. 19And you have esteemed me equal to clay; in earth and ashes is my portion. 20And I have cried out to you, and [3not 1you hear 2me]; they stood and contemplated me. 21And you mounted against me mercilessly; [3hand 2with a strong 1you whipped me]. 22And you arranged against me with griefs; and you threw me away from deliverance. 23For I know that death will obliterate me; for the house of every mortal is ground. 24For ought that I should be able [2myself 1to lay hands upon], or indeed beseech another and he should do this to me. 25And I [2over 3every 4disabled man 1wept]; and I moaned beholding man in necessities. 26I waited for good things, and behold [3met 4with me 5instead 2days 1bad]. 27 My belly erupted, and would not keep silent; [3anticipated 4me 1days 2of poorness]. 28[2moaning 1I went] without a rein; and I have stood in the assembly crying out. 29[2a brother 1I have become] of sirens, and companion of ostriches. 30 My skin is darkened greatly, and my bones from sweltering heat. 31[4turned 1And 5into 6mourning 2my 3harp], and my psalm into weeping for me.
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