Job 31


Job's Covenant

[2a covenant 1I made] with my eyes, and I will not take notice upon a virgin. And what portion is from God above, and [2inheritance 1what fit] is from the highest? Woe, destruction to the unjust, and alienation to the one committing lawlessness. Will he not see my way, and [2all 3my footsteps 1count out]? But if I was going with jokesters, or even hurrying my foot for treachery; (for I stand in [2yoke balance scale 1a just], [4knew 1and 2the 3  lord] my innocence); if [2turned aside 1my foot] from out of the way, or if even [3my eye 2follows after 1my heart], and if even my hands touched bribes; [2may I sow 1then], and others eat; [3rootless 1and 2may I become] upon the earth. If [2followed after 1my heart] the wife [2man 1of another], and if [2laid in wait 1I had] at her doors; 10 [2may 5please 1then 4even 3my wife] another; and [2my infants 1may 3be humbled]. 11 For the rage of anger is unrestrained in the defiling of a man's wife. 12 [3a fire 1For 2it is] burning upon all the parts; and whomever it may come upon [2from 3the roots 1it destroyed]. 13 And if even I treated as worthless the equity due my male attendant or female attendant, in their pleading with me, 14 what then shall I do if [4chastisement 5for me 3shall appoint 1the 2  lord]? and if also he should visit, what answer shall I make? 15 Were they not even as I, born in a womb? and these were born, and we were born in the same belly. 16 But the disabled [2whatever need 4at some time or other 3they had 1missed not]; [5of the widow 1and 3the 4eye 2I wasted not]. 17 And even if [2my morsel 1I ate] alone, and [4not 5with an orphan 1I shared 2of 3it], 18 (for from my youth I nourished them as a father, and from the womb of my mother I guided); 19 and even if I overlooked the naked perishing, and clothed him not; 20 and the disabled, unless they blessed me, and of the shearing wool of my lambs [2were not heated 1their shoulders]; 21 and if I lifted up [2against an orphan 1a hand], (relying that much [3to me 1help 2remained]); 22 [2may 4separate 1then 3my shoulder] from the collar-bone, and [2my arm 4from 5the 6elbow 1may 3be broken]. 23 For the fear of the  lord constrained me; from his concern I shall not endure. 24 If I ordered up gold for my strength; and if even [3stone 2very costly 1I relied upon]; 25 and even if [2gladness 1great] in riches was coming to me; and if also [3upon 4innumerable things 1I put 2my hand]; 26 (or do we not see [3sun 1the 2shining] subsiding, and the moon waning? [3no power 1For 4to 5them 2there is]). 27 And if [2was deceived 3in private 1my heart]; and if [3hand 2placing my 4upon 5my mouth 1I was fond of]; 28 then let this be [2so to me 5lawlessness 3as the 4greatest 1imputed]; for I lied before the  lord of the highest. 29 And even if [2gratified 1I became] at the calamitous downfall of my enemies; and said in my heart, Well done! 30 Let [3hear 1then 2my ear] my curse, and may I then be a common topic by my people for my inflicting evil. 31 And if even often [2said 1my female attendants], Who ever might give to us his flesh to satisfy? exceedingly of my being gracious. 32 [4outside 1for 3lodged not 2the stranger], and my door [2to all 3that came 1was open]. 33 And if even of sins, unintentionally I hid my sin, 34 (for I was not diverted [2multitude 1by a great] to not openly declare before them); and if even I allowed a disabled man to go forth from my door [2bosom 1with an empty], 35 (oh that there might be given one to hear me), [4of the hand 1but 5of the  lord 2unless 3I was in awe]; and as to a writ which I had against anyone, 36 [3upon 4even my shoulders 1putting it on 2a crown] I read it. 37 And unless tearing it I gave it back [2nothing 1having received] from a debtor. 38 If [5against 6me 1perhaps 2the 3earth 4moaned], and even if her furrows wept with one accord; 39 and even if of its strength I ate alone without value; and if even [2of the life 3of the master 4of the 5land 1in taking anything] I fretted him; 40 instead of wheat then may there come forth to me nettles; and instead of barley a bush. And Job ceased words.
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