Job 32


Elihu Speaks in Anger

1And they were quiet, and [2three 3friends 1his] no longer contradicted Job, [3was 1for 2Job] righteous before them. 2[3was provoked to anger 1And 2Elihu], the son of Barachel, the Buzite, of the kin of Ram, of the place of Ausis; and he was provoked to anger against Job exceedingly, because he sentenced himself as righteous before the  lord. 3[2even 3against 4the 5three 1But] friends he was provoked to anger exceedingly, for they were not able to answer contrary to Job; and they established him to be an impious man. 4And Elihu waited to give an answer to Job, for [2older 3than he 1they were] in days. 5And Elihu saw that there is no answer in the mouths of the three men, and [2was enraged 1his anger]. 6And undertaking, Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite, said, [3younger 1Forasmuch as 2I am] in time, and you are older; therefore I was still, fearing to announce to you the [2of myself 1higher knowledge]. 7And I said, [2not 3time 1It is] for speaking; [2in 3many 1but] years men have not known wisdom. 8But there is a spirit in mortals, and the breath of the almighty is the one teaching. 9[4not 1The 2long-lived 3are] wise as such; and neither do the aged know equity. 10Therefore I said, Hear me! and I will announce to you what I know. 11Give ear to my sayings! for I will speak in your hearing, as far as of which time you should examine the words; 12and until you shall perceive; and behold, there was no one reproving Job, in answering his words from you, 13that you should not say, We found wisdom being added by the  lord. 14[3man 1And 2you commissioned] to speak such words. 15And they were terrified. They answered not any longer; [2were old 3coming from 4them 1words]. 16I waited, for I did not speak, for they stood, they answered not. 17And undertaking, Elihu says, Again I shall speak, 18[3full 1for 2I am] of words, [6destroys 1for 7me 2the 3wind 4of the 5belly]; 19 and my belly is as if a leather bag of sweet new wine bubbling, being tied up; and as if the bellows of a brazier tearing forth. 20I will speak that I shall rest myself in opening my lips. 21[4by man 1For 2in no way 3shall I be shamed], and in fact, nor [2from a mortal 1shall I in any way feel shame]. 22[3not 1For 2I know] to admire a person; but if not, even [3me 1moths 2shall devour].
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