Job 33


Elihu Proposes The LORD Recompenses Justice

1But in fact, hear, O Job, my words, and [3speech 1give ear 2to my]! 2For behold, I opened my mouth, and [2spoke 1my tongue]. 3[3is pure 1My 2heart] in words, and the understanding of my lips [2pure 1shall purpose]. 4[3spirit 2divine 1The] made me, and the breath of the almighty is what is teaching me. 5If you should be able, give to me an answer for these things! Wait, stand against me, and I against you! 6From out of clay you were molded as also I; [2from out of 3the 4same clay 1we were molded]. 7[3not 5in the fear 6of me 1You 2shall 4whirl about], nor [2my hand 4heavy 1shall 3be] upon you. 8Except you said in my ears, [2the voice 3of your words 1I have heard], for you say, 9I am pure, not having sinned; [3blameless 1for 2I am], for I did not act lawlessly. 10[3a complaint 1But 4against 5me 2he found], and he has esteemed me as if an opponent. 11And he put [2in 3stocks of wood 1my foot], and guarded all my ways. 12For how say you, I am righteous, and he has not heeded me? [6eternal 1For 5is 2the one 3above 4mortals]. 13But you say, Why of my righteousness has he not heeded every word? 14For when [4once 3speaks 1the 2  lord], or a second time, 15sending a dream or in [2meditation 1a nightly], or as whenever [3falls 1an awful 2fear] upon men, in slumberings upon a bed; 16then he uncovers the mind of men in sights of fear; with such he frightens them, 17to turn a man from iniquity, and [2his body 3from 4a calamitous downfall 1he rescues]. 18And he spares his soul from death, and spares [2so as to not 3fall 1him] in war. 19And again he reproves him by infirmity upon his bed, and [2a multitude 3of his bones 1he paralyzed]. 20[5any 1And 6eatable 7grain 2in no way 3shall he be able 4to favorably receive], even though his soul [2food 1desires]; 21until whenever [3should fester 1his 2flesh], and [2should be exposed 1his bones] bare; 22[3approached 1and 4unto 5death 2his soul], and his life unto Hades. 23If there might be a thousand messengers causing death, one of them in no way shall pierce him, if he should purpose in his heart to turn towards the  lord, and announce to man his own complaint, and [2his lawlessness 1should show]; 24he shall hold him to not fall into death; and he shall renew his body as new plaster upon a wall; and [2his bones 1he will fill up] with marrow. 25He will make tender his flesh as an infant, and he shall restore him to manhood among men. 26And one vowing to the  lord, and [2accepted 3for him 1it will be]; and he shall enter [2face 1with a clean], with an utterance of praise; and he will recompense [2to men 1righteousness]. 27Even then shall [2blame 1a man] himself, saying, What things have I completed? and [3not 4worth 1he chastised 2me] what I sinned. 28Deliver my soul! to not come unto corruption, that my life [2light 1shall see]. 29Behold, all these things [3works 1the 2strong one 5ways 4three] with a man. 30And he rescued my soul from death, that my life in light should praise him. 31Give ear, O Job, and hear me! Be silent! for I myself shall speak. 32If there are words in you, answer me! Speak! for I want justice to be done for you. 33If not, you hear me! Be silent! and I will teach you wisdom!
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