Job 34


Elihu Proposes that The LORD Inspects Men

1And undertaking, Elihu says, 2Hear me! O wise men. O ones having knowledge, give ear to the good! 3For the ear [2words 1tries], and the throat tastes food. 4Judgment we should take up for ourselves; we should know between ourselves what is good. 5For Job has said, I am righteous; the  lord has dismissed my judgment. 6And he lied in my judgment; [2is violent 1my spear] without injustice. 7What man is as Job, drinking sneering as if water? 8Not sinning, nor being impious, nor wholly participating with ones committing lawless deeds, to go with the impious. 9[3not 1For 2you should] say that there will not be an overseeing of a man -- and there is an overseeing of him by the  lord. 10Therefore, O discerning of heart, hear me! [2not 4to me 1May it 3be] before the  lord to be impious, and before the almighty to disturb justice. 11But he gives back to man as [3does 1each 2of them], and by a path man will find him. 12And do you imagine the  lord [2something out of place 1doing], or that the almighty will disturb a judgment -- the one who made the earth? 13And who is the one acting under heaven, and [2the things 3being in it 1all]? 14For if he might want to constrain, and [2the 3spirit 4by 5himself 1to hold down], 15[3would come to an end 1all 2flesh] with one accord. Every mortal [2into 3the earth 1shall go forth] from where even he was shaped. 16But if he should not admonish, then hear these things! Give ear to the sound of words! 17Behold then the one detesting lawless deeds, and the one destroying the wicked, being eternally righteous. 18Impious is the one saying to a king, You act unlawfully, and saying, O impious one, to the rulers, 19who was not feeling of respect for the person of honor, nor knows [2honor 1to appoint] to the stout men, to admire their persons. 20[3in vanity 1But 4to them 2it shall result], to cry out and to beseech a man; for they dealt unlawfully, turning aside the disabled. 21For he is an observer of the works of men, [5has escaped 1and 6him 2nothing 3of how 4they act]; 22nor is there a place to hide for the ones doing lawless deeds. 23For [2not 4upon 5a man 1he will 3put] any longer. 24For the  lord inspects all; He is the one perceiving untraceable things, honorable things also, and extraordinary things which there is no number; 25the one knowing their works, and he shall turn night upon them, and they shall be humbled. 26And he extinguishes the impious, for they are visible before him. 27For they turned aside from the law of God; [4ordinances 3his 1they did not 2recognize], 28so as to bring unto him the cry of the needy; for [2the cry 3of the poor 1he will listen to]; 29and he [2rest 1will furnish], and who will condemn? and he will hide his face, and who shall see him? even against a nation and against a man together; 30giving reign to a man who is a hypocrite, because of the discontent of people, 31that to the mighty one saying, I have received blessings; I will not take anything for security. 32[2apart from 3myself 1I will see]; you show to me, if [2iniquity 1I practiced]! then in no way shall I proceed. 33Will [3on 4you 1he pay 2it], in that you should have thrust it away; for you shall choose, and not I, and what you know -- speak! 34Therefore the discerning in heart shall say these things, [3man 1and 2a wise] hears my word. 35But Job [2not 3with 4understanding 1spoke]; and his words are not with higher knowledge. 36But in fact, learn Job! No [2give 1longer] an answer as the fools, 37that we should not add upon our sins; for lawlessness [2against 3us 1may be imputed 5many 4in speaking] words before the  lord.
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