Job 35


Elihu Urges Job to Plead with The LORD

1And undertaking, Elihu says, 2What is this you esteem in equity? You, who are you, that you said, I am righteous before the  lord? 3For you shall say, How should I have committed sinning? 4I shall give to you an answer, and to [2three 3friends 1your]. 5Look up into the heaven, and behold! Study the clouds, how high they are from you! 6If you sinned, what will you do? And even if in many things you acted lawlessly, what are you able to do? 7Since then you are righteous, what shall you give to him, or what [2from out of 3your hand 1shall he take]? 8To a man likened to you -- of your impiety; and to a son of man -- of your righteousness. 9[2by 3a multitude 1The ones being extorted] shall cry out; they shall yell because of the arm of many. 10And one said not, Where is the God who made me, the one delegating [2watches 1the nightly]; 11the one separating me from the four-footed beasts of the earth, and from the birds of heaven. 12There they shall cry out, and in no way shall one listen, even because of the insolence of wicked men. 13For things out of place [3does not want 4to behold 1the 2  lord], for he is the almighty. 14He is an observer of the ones completing lawless deeds, and he will deliver me; and you plead before him! if you are able to praise him, as he is. 15And now that he is not numbering his anger, and he knows not [2transgressions 1exceeding], 16even Job acting in folly opens his mouth; in ignorance [2words 1he weighs down].
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