Job 38


The LORD Questions Job

1And after the ceasing [3of Elihu 1of the 2speech], [3said 1the 2  lord] to Job through a tempest and cloud, saying, 2Who is this hiding counsel, and constraining matters in heart, [4from me 1and 2imagines 3to hide]? 3Tie up [2as 3a man 1your loin]! And I will ask you, and you answer me! 4Where were you in my laying the foundation for the earth? And report to me! if you should have knowledge of understanding. 5Who established the measures of it, if you know? Or who is the one bringing a measuring cord upon it? 6Upon what are its hooks pitched on? And who is the one laying [2foundation 3stone 1an angular] upon it? 7When [2came to pass 1the stars], [3praised 4me 6a great voice 5with 1all 2my angels]. 8And I shut up the sea with gates, when it was led irresistibly [2out of 4belly 3its mother's 1going forth]. 9And I established the cloud for its clothing, and fog for its being swaddled. 10And I established limits for it, I put in place bolts and gates. 11And I said to it, Unto this far you shall come, and shall not pass over; and within yourself [3shall break 1your 2waves]. 12Or by you have I ordered [2brightness 1the early morning]? And did the morning star behold his own order; 13to take hold of the wings of the earth, to shake off the impious from it. 14Or did you, having taken earth's clay, shape a living creature, and [2the power of speech 3to it 1establish] upon the earth? 15And have you removed [3from 4the impious 1the 2light], [3the arm 1and 4of the proud 2broke]? 16Did you come unto the spring of the sea, [3in 1and 4the tracks 5of the deep 2walk]? 17[4open 1And 5to you 6in fear 2do the gates 3of death]; and did gatekeepers of Hades, in beholding you, become alarmed? 18And have you been admonished about the breadth under heaven? Announce it indeed to me! how great it is. 19And of what kind of land lodges the light? And darkness, what kind of place? 20If you could lead me into their limits, and even if you know their paths. 21Have you known that it is so then because you were born, and the number of your years great? 22But did you come unto the treasuries of snow? [3the treasuries 1and 4of hail 2have you seen]? 23And is it reserved to you for the hour of the enemies, for the day of war and battle? 24And from what place goes forth the frost, or [2is dispersed 1the south wind] into the place under heaven? 25And who prepared [3rain 2of the fierce 1the flow], and a way in uproar; 26 to rain upon the land of which there is no man, the wilderness of which there is no [2existing 1man] in it; 27 so as to fill the untrodden and uninhabited land, and the causing to sprout forth the issue of tender shoots? 28Who is the rain's father, and who is the one giving birth to droplets of dew? 29[2from out of 4womb 1And 3whose] comes forth the ice; [4the frost 1and 5in 6the heaven 2who 3gave birth to], 30which comes down as if water flowing? [4the face 1And 5of the abyss 2who 3alarmed]? 31And do you perceive the bond of Pleiades; and [2the barrier 3of Orion 1did you open]? 32Or will you open Mazuroth in its time? And Hesperus with its tail -- will you lead it? 33And do you know the circuits of heaven, or the things [3under 4heaven 2with one accord 1taking place]? 34And will you call a cloud by voice, and in trembling [3water of rain 2the fierce 1will] obey you? 35And will you send thunderbolts? and will they go forth? and shall they say to you, What is it? 36And who gave women [2for a woven work 1wisdom], or [2for embroidery 1skill]? 37And who is the one counting clouds in wisdom, [3the heaven 1and 4unto 5the earth 2leaned], 38and it is poured as earth's powder, and I have cleaved it as a stone cube? 39And will you hunt [2for the lions 1a prey]? [3the souls 1and 4of dragons 2fill up]? 40for they are in awe in their lairs, and they sit in the woods lying in wait. 41And who prepared [2for the crow 1carrion]? [3young 1for 2its 6to 7the  lord 5cry out 4in wandering 9grain 8seeking].
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