Job 39


Do you know the time of the birthing of the antelopes of the rock? And did you watch the birth pangs of hinds? And did you count [3months 1their 2full] of birthing? [4birth pangs 1and 3their 2did you untie]? And did you nourish their offspring outside of fear? [4birth pangs 1and 3their 2will you send away]? [2shall rip forth 1Their young]; they shall be multiplied in offspring; their young will go forth and in no way shall return to them. And who is the one letting [2donkey 1the wild] free? [5bonds 1and 4his 2who 3untied]? For I established for his habitation a wilderness, and [2for his tents 1the salt-flats]. He ridicules the great multitude of the city, [3the complaint 1and 4of the tribute-gatherer 2hears not]. He shall survey the mountains as his pasture, and [2after 3every 4green thing 1he seeks]. [2shall 4be willing 1And 6to you 3the unicorn 5to serve], or to sleep at your stable? 10 And will you tie [2with 3straps 1his yoke], or will he draw furrows in the plain? 11 And do you rely upon him, because [2is great 1his strength]? and will you slacken [2for him 1your works]? 12 And do you trust that he will give back to you the seed, and carry it into your threshing-floor? 13 The wing delighting ostriches; but should [2conceive 1the stork 2and 3feathers]? 14 for she shall let [2go 3unto 4the earth 1her eggs], and [2upon 3the dust 1she shall incubate]; 15 and she forgot that the foot will disperse them, and the wild beasts of the field will trample them. 16 She hardened against her offspring, so as to not bereave herself; in vain she tired without fear. 17 For [2quelled 3her 1God] wisdom, and portioned not to her with understanding. 18 In time [2in 3height 1she will raise up high]; she will ridicule the horse and his rider. 19 Or did you invest the horse with power, or clothe his neck in fear? 20 And did you invest in him full armor, and the glory of his breast in daring? 21 [2rooting up 3in 4the plain 1He prances], and he goes forth into the plain in strength. 22 [2meeting up with 3spears 1He ridicules], and in no way turns from an iron weapon. 23 Against him prance the bow and sword; 24 and in anger he shall obliterate the ground. In no way shall he trust until whenever [2signifies 1the trumpet]; 25 and with the trumpet signifying, he says, Well done! And at a distance he smells war with leaping and crying out. 26 And from your higher knowledge [2set 1does the hawk] having the look of effrontery with wings fixed looking down towards the south? 27 And at your order [2rise up high 1does the eagle], and does the vulture [3upon 4its nest 1sit 2lodged], 28 upon the prominence of the rock and is concealed? 29 Being at that place he seeks grain; [3at a distance 1his eyes 2watch], 30 [3young 1and 2his] befoul themselves in blood; and where ever ones dying might be, immediately they are found.
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